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Kanye West's long standing affiliation with the world of fashion has been firmly established during the course of his hugely successful music career. His endeavours to infuse facets of fashion into his music have become a staple of West's creative process, with the two art forms often informing and complementing each other in his work.

The YEEZY SEASON 3 launch has easily become one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the fashion calendar. Billed as a ‘fashion show-cum-listening party’ for his recently released The Life of Pablo studio album, Madison Square Garden played host to the YEEZY SEASON 3 presentation, a grandiose celebration of Kanye’s most recent artistic achievements. Streetwear influenced bomber jackets, oversized knits, bodysuits and cargo gear once again punctuate the collection, retaining the nonchalant-style slack fits and heavily distressed compositions that have come to define YEEZY’s ready-to-wear lines.