The Top Trending Trainer Classes Right Now

The importance and influence of the modern trainer cannot be underestimated in the current fashion climate. Often considered by fashion enthusiasts to be the linchpin of any given outfit, it’s now considered common practice to actually start with your trainers when throwing together a look. Whether you’re going for a statement-making powerhouse to underpin your eccentricity, or a more understated low top for a hint of subtlety, your choice of trainers can say more about you than you’d imagine.


Understanding and appreciating the significance of this detail has encouraged us to maintain a carefully curated edit of trainers that is certain to compliment all styles and meet all performance expectations.


We’ve assembled a shortlist of trainer classes that have made a significant impact on current styling trends and are therefore vital components to the modern man’s contemporary wardrobe.




1. Chunky trainers


The prevailing global trainer trend right now shows no signs of slowing down. In fact, the hype amongst sneakerheads only seems to be gathering pace as more of the world’s largest fashion houses endeavour to capitalise on the popularity of chunky trainers. In-demand styles like Balenciaga’s Triple S and Versace’s Chain Reaction reignite the concept of the statement trainer, a callback to popular tropes from 90s era fashion. In particular the everpresent ‘more is more’ approach to fashion design; an arguably defining attitude of the time.

The noticeable resurgence of complex, multi-layered soles, oversized shapes and multi-fabric uppers are a testament to this point. This open-ended approach to trainer design represents a kind of creative liberation, as designers assume permission to experiment freely and without compromise. There is, of course, an opposing school of thought which argues that this emerging trend is leading to some overloaded and even ugly designs. But if the affectionately dubbed ‘dad-trainer’ (a label only awarded to a trainer precisely because it’s ugly) has taught us anything, it’s that right now, ugly is the new beautiful.



2. Smart-casual trainers


Slipping into the sweet spot between ‘smart’ and ‘casual’ dress codes is a masterful skill, one that requires an acute eye for detail and a meticulously curated outfit. It’s all about striking the right balance between the sharpness and sophistication of your typical formal outfit and the laidback, off-duty feel of dress down attire. One essential element to master? The footwear.


If you’re electing to go for trainers, let’s say at the base of a pseudo-smart suit, or perhaps alongside a pair of tailored Bermuda shorts in the summer, you’d be advised to conform to the inherently trim and toned-down aesthetic of the outfit. Look no further than the likes of Christian Louboutin’s Louis Junior or Givenchy’s Urban Street trainers for examples of designs that absolutely nail the minimalistic qualities of a perfect smart-casual trainer. If deployed with some degree of care and pre-thought, the humble smart-casual trainer can actually be just as versatile as your own imagination.


Shop our "smart-casual trainers" edit




3.  Athletic trainers

While the majority of the world’s population comes to terms with the current self-isolation scenario, a great number of people have turned to self-styled home workouts and daily park runs to keep their blood pumping and their minds active. And even though some us may be forced to trade high-tech treadmills and StairMasters for humble yoga mats and Bosu balls, there should be no compromise on workout attire.


This sentiment is particularly pertinent for your footwear. In fact, your trainers are potentially the most crucial component of your activewear get-up. Picking the right footwear for your workouts is essential for maintaining correct posture and balance while you run, jog and cross-train your way to peak fitness. We would happily recommend adidas’ patented BOOST midsole technology (which can be found within the likes of Y-3’s Rhisu Run and Raito Racer II models) for adding that little spring to your step and maximising your workout potential.


Our featured athletic style: The Balenciaga Track Trainer


Balenciaga has been embracing the athleisure subculture for a while now, and while their beloved Triple S and Speed Trainers have certainly flirted with the concept, their Track Trainer model represents a very conscious focal shift to athletic performance. With its complex, multi-layered body and thick, extended tread, it is fiercely robust and absolutely equipped to handle the most rigorous of workouts. Other standout qualities like its breathable mesh upper round off the package and make Balenciaga’s Track Trainer a surprise activewear favourite.


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