Sunny Retreats To Visit Once We Can Travel Again


As we prepare to enter the fourth week of the pandemic-induced global lockdown, wanderlust is really beginning to reach a fever pitch. Unfortunately, with the current quarantine measures restricting our ability to travel much further than our own patio doors, this is simply an itch that can’t be scratched right now.


And although it might seem like bad timing (or maybe even a little in poor taste!), we thought that this might actually be a great time to remind ourselves of the temporary nature of the situation and offer some travel inspiration for when it’s safe to spread your wings once again. Here are our top vacation spots for soaking up the sun in style in the post-quarantine era.


1. Miami



So when you think of Miami, Ricky, Gloria & South Beach may all spring to mind. Sure it’s famous for those and its turquoise Atlantic shoreline, kitschy Art Deco architecture, Latin swagger and pulsating nightlife. But for the last 10 years, Miami has been in the midst of a cultural renaissance. Neighbourhoods such as Wynwood, the Design District, Downtown, Little Haiti and Little Havana have injected the city with newfound energy, buzzy homegrown restaurants and hipster bars.

Still, while all above can serve as a great addition to your trip, you can’t beat a day spent cruising along Ocean Drive, the epicentre of South Beach! So savour the unique cosmopolitan Miamian culture through its vibrant cafes, bars and restaurants. The choice is yours; there are just so many to choose from! However, the Four Seasons Miami Beach EDITION is an awesome base to work from...

Miami also offers the chance to embolden your wardrobe choices, nothing is OTT here. After all, fashion’s king of decadence, Gianni Versace, did regard Miami as his own spiritual home (he even built his holiday mansion here). So live ‘La Vida Loca’ during those ‘Hot Summer Nights’ Miami style.


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2. California



The Golden State has long since been a tourist favourite for sun, sea and everything in between. From sun-soaked beaches to sprawling forest areas and incredible historical monuments, California has untold numbers of wonders to behold.

If you are looking to add sunny California to your bucket list, then you’d be remiss to overlook its world-famous beaches. Namely the likes of Venice Beach and Santa Monica Beach, both of which share unrivalled popularity amongst jet setters. At the height of summer, they absolutely erupt with activity. Street performers, skateboarders and even bodybuilders are some of Venice Beach’s most notable attractions, whilst Santa Monica boasts a colourful amusement park and some unique bars and restaurants. Oh, and did we mention that you can cycle between the 2 hotspots in just under 20 minutes?!

If you’re aching to jump into your favourite pair of swimmers once these travel bans have been lifted, then we’d highly recommend California as the destination of choice for flaunting them in!


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3. Saint-Tropez



Saint-Tropez is one of our favourite summer spots on this list and is the archetypal picture of luxury and decadence. The influence of pop culture and the allure of the town’s intrinsically simplistic charm have transformed this once humble fishing village into the ecosphere of glitz and glamour that we know today. And with its mesmerizing white sand beaches, crystal-clear Mediterranean waters and sapphire blue skies, it really isn’t hard to see why.

There are a number of incredible public beaches located along Saint-Tropez’s Pampelonne coast, offering thrilling activities like windsurfing, jet skiing and scuba diving. But if you’re looking for the true Tropezian experience, you’re going to want to pay a visit to one of the town’s exclusive beach clubs. Here is where you’ll find the best food, nightlife, bars and entertainment that Saint-Tropez has to offer. When people speak of the glamorous nature of a Saint-Tropez holiday, they’re probably referring to these world-famous beach clubs that even your favourite celebrities have often been known to frequent!

This luxurious seaside town can’t be overlooked if you’re looking for an excuse to pamper yourself silly once the boarding gates finally reopen…


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4. Santorini



No longer just a secret destination for the world’s glitterati, Santorini is simply stunning. Considered by many to be one of the world’s most beautiful islands, Santorini is set in the midst of the idyllic Aegean sea.

Traditionally known for its iconic cubic residences and blue-domed churches, over recent years Santorini has developed a cool and chic party vibe alongside its luxury resorts and nightlife. So whether you’re lounging poolside at the Perivolas Hotel or sipping mojitos at the PK Cocktail Bar, you’ll certainly find a way to carve out your own little piece of paradise. So after a well-earned day of dining on exquisite, traditional Greek cuisine, why not take in one of Santorini’s legendary and awe-inspiring sunsets? Perhaps even an evening stroll along the outskirts of one of the key villages of Oia, Imerovigli, Fira or Firostefani?

Santorini’s growing popularity hasn’t diminished its exclusive appeal; it's still “dress to impress”, both day and night. So make sure your wardrobe has the game to compete.


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5. The Maldives



Since tourism took off in the Maldives in the 1970s, it has quickly become one of the foremost holiday destinations for sun-seekers worldwide. Its famous island resorts boast some of the most breathtaking vistas on the planet and offer guests the opportunity to experience peace and tranquillity, far away from the bustling crowds of more populated, urban environments.

Being made up of 26 individual expanses of land known as ‘atolls’, The Maldives is also home to a large number of beaches, each with their own vibe and personality. Fan-favourites like the beaches of Baros and Veligandu Island offer idyllic tranquillity, while Reethi Beach and Mirihi Island Beach will have you living in the lap of luxury.

However you choose to experience your vacation, The Maldives perfectly encapsulates the spirit of escapism that you’ve so been craving…


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6. Ibiza



A holiday hotspot that really shouldn’t need much of an introduction. Ibiza has been the place to go for the ultimate fun in the sun experience for at least the last 25 years. It’s exhilarating party culture and electric nightlife scene is revered globally, with tourists from all over the world flocking to the island for a piece of the action. There simply is no experience that compares to the buzz of an Ibiza Rocks pool party, or the thrilling atmosphere of one of the island’s famous superclubs.

A lot of attention is directed towards Ibiza’s admittedly legendary party scene and an unfortunate side effect of that constant focus is that it’s often typecast and subsequently overlooked by travellers who assume that’s all it has to offer. And while we’d easily recommend Ibiza to anyone looking for the ultimate way to celebrate their post-quarantine liberation, it’s worth noting that the island is also home to a plethora of stunning beaches and sun-soaked promenades, all of which offer a decidedly more peaceful alternative to the nightlife scene. Why not supplement a raucous beach day party with a detoxifying stroll through San Antonio town in the evening?


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7. Cancun



Having been built from the ground up in just over a decade, the purpose-built luxury resort area of Cancún has quickly become one of Mexico’s most popular tourist destinations. Known primarily for its glorious white sand beaches and beautiful coral reefs, the city is a real tropical paradise.

Cancún manages to strike the perfect balance between offering adventure and the chance to explore whilst also providing visitors with the perfect environment to kick back and relax. You can sprawl out on a sunbed and soak up the postcard-worthy views at Playa Delfines Beach on one day and explore the incredible submerged exhibits at the Cancún Underwater Museum on the next.

Add to the mix a smattering of fantastic bars and restaurants and a famously thriving nightlife scene and you have the perfect vacation package.


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