Ralph Lauren RLX

Ralph Lauren RLX is a winter-weather capsule, launched within their prestigious Purple Label collection. It places a special emphasis on performance-driven silhouettes which benefit from the utilisation of state-of-the-art garment technology and innovation, while mirroring the ultra-luxe impression of the neighbouring Ralph Lauren Purple Label.



The implementation of patented fabric technologies is the cornerstone of the RLX capsule’s success as a project that pioneers innovation in service of modern sustainability. Prime examples of which can be seen in the Carleton jacket, which features a PERTEX® ripstop shell made from recycled polyester, and the Garston gilet, which is crafted from a regenerated nylon ECONYL® fabric. Both of these environmentally-friendly fabrics are created from recycled and repurposed materials and, perhaps most impressively, manage to maintain the highest degree of quality in the process. Ralph Lauren RLX garments are purposely manufactured in the same factories as some of the world’s leading sports fashion labels; so you can rest assured that you’re investing in product of the highest calibre. For Ralph Lauren, it’s all about delivering maximum performance with minimal environmental impact.



Ralph Lauren RLX garments are designed with functionality in mind, each individual model possessing indispensable qualities that make them impervious to adverse weather conditions. Durable performance shells will happily keep you sheltered from the wind and rain, while the 90/10 duck down fill featured throughout the outerwear pieces in our showcase provides exceptional protection from the cold. This extra padding is super lightweight too, meaning you won’t have to worry about being burdened with any extra, undue mass. This ultra-lightweight performance is key, as it guarantees that RLX models are not only practical but comfortable too; making them suitable to city life, alpine landscapes and far beyond. They can even be folded and packed away without much effort, meaning you won’t have to sacrifice precious suitcase space to take them with you wherever you go.

  Garston Black Down Gilet

As alluded to previously, one of the more noteworthy dimensions of the Ralph Lauren RLX capsule is its diversity, presenting a range of silhouettes that are suited to a myriad of different environments. Take for example the ‘Condover’ program, which is realised in both a hybridised sport coat and a 4-pocket field jacket for our AW20 showcase. This particular component of the RLX project was clearly designed to align more with contemporary business-style attire, with suit lapels, button-flap pockets and mock neck collars projecting a holistically smart-casual vibe (a staple feature of the now-defunct Ralph Lauren ‘Black Label’ line). Neither of these two styles would look out of place in an office or modern workplace environment, yet they retain many of the qualities that allow for them to be equally as effective in more tumultuous weather conditions. We really appreciate how the two Condover jackets exemplify and epitomise Ralph Lauren’s signature preppy-style aesthetic too, ensuring that the classic feel and tailor-oriented foundations of the label are preserved in all their earnestness.


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