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Our Outerwear Highlights From The Season

Posted on November 17 2020

In our eyes, buying a new jacket represents a unique investment opportunity, one that simply cannot yield the same returns with any other wardrobe piece. After all, few others can profess to be with you quite as long as your trusty jacket, especially if treated with care and respect. Get it right and you’ve got the perfect finishing piece to complete any and all of your favourite outfit ensembles; maybe even a new partner for life…


Ralph Lauren RLX Carleton Black Down Jacket

Ralph Lauren’s RLX line places a special focus on innovative garment technology, a focus that is well represented within our featured outerwear piece from the label’s AW20 collection. The standout feature here is the PERTEX® ripstop shell, which is crafted from recycled polyester, providing optimum insulation and excellent wind and water repellency. The technological intricacy of the Ralph Lauren’s RLX Carleton jacket is clearly in service of enhanced sustainability, a noteworthy ideology that has not been lost on us. But its remarkable performance isn’t the only feather in the Carleton’s cap. Tone-on-tone nylon body panels add a subtle lustre and bestow an overtly premium feel, ensuring that Ralph Lauren’s signature mark of class and style has not been sacrificed along the way. The all-black colour palette is beautifully sleek; oozing prestige while the chrome-finished RLX hardware amplifies the ultra-luxe flavour. We’ve paired ours with this Watch Dial Print Sweatshirt and Logo Sweat Pants combo for a wholly monochromatic vibe.


  • Ralph Lauren RLX

    Black Watch Dial Print Sweatshirt

  • Ralph Lauren RLX

    Black Watch Dial Print Sweatshirt

  • Ralph Lauren Purple Label

    Black Logo Sweat Pants


Moncler Grenoble Breuil Holographic Silver Down Jacket

The Moncler Grenoble Breuil jacket is the stuff of dreams for the budding ski enthusiast. Combining technical fidelity with eye-catching flair, this style is the showpiece of Moncler Grenoble’s latest menswear showcase. It comes preloaded with an array of Moncler Grenoble’s quintessential bells and whistles, including 2-layer technical nylon panels, waterproof zippers, attached jersey wrist gaiters and an ultra-lightweight membrane to really emphasise its uncompromising performance quality.


  But of course what really sets it apart from the competition is its holographic silver shell, which radiates with iridescent energy under the lights. This bold feature lends a whole new dimension to the piece, allowing it to take on an entirely new personality should the appropriate situation arise. It’s like wrapping a brand new Porsche 911 in a sleek, custom wrap - you’ve got all the performance and power under the hood with the added bonus of a unique, personalised finishing touch which guarantees to turn heads while you cruise along the street.

The flexible nature of Breuil means that it’s just as suited to the après-ski party as it is the slopes; its unique combination of practicality and panache ensures that you’re wardrobe-ready for both arenas. 




    Breuil Down Jacket 


    Black Athletic Trousers 


    Black Bubble Boots 

Balenciaga Red C Shape Puffer Jacket

Now a mainstay in their permanent collection, the Balenciaga C shape puffer jacket is arguably just as iconic as any of the label’s many established styles. Named thusly for its distinctive “C” shaped curve at the hem, accompanying features such as its oversized shape and cocoon-like volume are playful quirks which underscore creative director Demna Gvasalia’s propensity for enhancing ready-to-wear staples with idiosyncratic twists.

 The latest iteration is crafted from a technical ripstop fabric which greatly enhances its weather-resistant properties and, while working in tandem with the ultra-lightweight padding, provides unparalleled insulation. The striking red colour tint is a nice finishing touch that will certainly draw the attention of wayward onlookers. It’s big, it’s bold, it’s Balenciaga.

We’d be inclined to pair ours with some oversized pants and a pair of Balenciaga Triple S trainers to really emulate the nonchalantly ill-fitting aesthetic that Balenciaga is celebrated for, but it works just as well with a more conventional pair of jeans and maybe even a pair of chunky boots. The beauty of the Balenciaga C shape puffer is its ambiguity - it doesn’t presume to be strictly one thing or another, instead allowing you the freedom to experiment and create some truly unique outfit combinations.




    Red C Shape Puffer Jacket


    Black Gym Wear Large Fit T-Shirt


    Black Gym Wear Sweat Pants


Stone Island Shadow Project Black Cotton-Nylon Poplin Down Jacket

The ‘Shadow Project’ platform is Stone Island’s specialist line which pioneers innovation in fabric technology with a particular emphasis on performance and functionality. The Stone Island Shadow Project cotton-nylon poplin jacket from their latest menswear collection is a testament to this very philosophy, with some of the most unique and inventive design elements we’ve ever seen in a garment.



The showcase feature is the ‘encase’ Velcro panel located at the centre, which plays host to a myriad of pockets and hidden compartments to store your small essentials. It may seem like a pretty arbitrary design choice at first glance, but having stress tested it for an evaluation in practicality, there is a surprising amount of convenience that comes from storing your personal paraphernalia so close to your chest. It somehow makes it feel like everything is just that little bit closer to your person and subsequently less of a chore to access.

Add to this the ability to remove the sleeves completely for a gilet alternative and a handful of other pragmatic features such as the ‘anti-drop formula’ finish for keeping dirt and water at bay and you are presented with a powerhouse in experimental design and technical innovation. To really pull off the utilitarian look that personifies the Stone Island Shadow Project aesthetic, wear yours with their convert cargo pants and Chelsea boots.



    Cotton-Nylon Poplin Down Jacket


    Black Convert Cargo Pants

  •  Stone Island Shadow Project

    Black Wool Beanie Hat

  •  Stone Island Shadow Project

    Black Suede & Leather Chelsea Boots


Off-White Black Barrel Leather Varsity Jacket

Few menswear silhouettes epitomise archetypal Americana fashion like the varsity jacket. It should be no surprise then that American-born Virgil Abloh knocks it out of the park with this instant classic from his latest collection. The Off-White barrel varsity jacket is typically Off-White in every way that matters. From the pop-art style stencil appliques to the unabashed use of colour clocking, it bears many of the label’s quintessential hallmarks. It’s a celebration of the streetwear subculture that Abloh so dearly reveres, and could possibly even be a passion project for the designer.


But most importantly, Off-White’s featured varsity is just so effortlessly cool. The contrasting leather sleeves and trims lend a real edginess to the piece. It’s absolutely dripping with personality and has a real attitude to match. Luckily, you’ve been blessed with an embarrassment of riches when it comes to creating your complete Off-White look, but we love this ‘Pivot’ t-shirt and ripped jeans ensemble shown above. Playful, yet rebellious, it perfectly aligns with the ethos of the brand.




    Black Barrel Leather Varsity Jacket


    Black Pivot Fish T-Shirt


    Grey Ripped Slim Jeans

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