Kanye West’s eponymously titled ‘YEEZY’ has generated a whirlwind of hype within the fashion community in the few years since its inception. Love him or hate him, it’s impossible to deny the obvious; YEEZY’s rapid evolution has given the music and fashion mogul a new industry to reign over. The YEEZY SEASON 3 launch has easily become one of the most eagerly anticipated events in the fashion calendar. Billed as a ‘fashion show-cum-listening party’ for his recently released The Life of Pablo studio album, Madison Square Garden played host to the YEEZY SEASON 3 presentation, a grandiose celebration of Kanye’s most recent artistic achievements. As the first song from the record drew to a close, the army of YEEZY SEASON 3 clad models and extras were finally unveiled to an audience of Kanye’s family, fashion contemporaries, and legions of eager fans.

The presentation, which was choreographed in collaboration with the revered performance artist Vanessa Beecroft, saw Kanye’s models draped in garments which improve and expand upon his signature vision; a vision now enhanced by a decidedly more varied colour palette than seen in his previous collections. Streetwear influenced bomber jackets, oversized knits, bodysuits and cargo gear once again punctuated the collection, retaining the nonchalant-style slack fits and heavily distressed compositions that have come to define YEEZY’s ready-to-wear lines.

YEEZY SEASON 3 is about more than simply prolonging the brand’s staying power. It’s a culmination of Kanye West’s undoubted creative prowess. A celebration of a culture of self-expression; a culture that Mr. West has spent his entire career, and dare I say his life, working to cultivate.

Yeezy CPN 9 Green Camouflage Print Anorak

This YEEZY SEASON 3 anorak epitomises the urban influenced direction of the collection. The muted green camouflage print highlights this jacket as a genuine standout, while retaining the laid-back, understated character that YEEZY is loved for. Welcome features including Velcro fastening for additional insulation, drawstring adjustment and roomy pockets reinstate the jacket’s strong emphasis on functionality, a priceless quality in the urban environment. This piece is also the perfect layering accessory, providing a welcome contrast to some of the more modest base garments of the collection and offering ample opportunities to create some classic YEEZY looks.

Yeezy CPN 14 Beige Graphic Print Sweater

West works in a simply wonderful piece of artistry into this featured knitwear from his YEEZY SEASON 3 collection. The sweater acts as the canvas for an autumnal forest scene, characterised by its arching branches and sparsely positioned leaves. The print is subtly diffused into the garment with a limited colour palette and subdued tone, remaining faithful to classic YEEZY aesthetic and encouraging you to use your imagination to really bring the graphic to life. Capable of standing confidently alone, or as the accent layer of your YEEZY ensemble, this fantastic knitwear has the versatility to set you apart from the crowd.

Yeezy Nylon & Suede Military Boots

A undisputed highlight of any YEEZY collection is certainly the footwear, and these incredible military-influenced boots are an acclamation of this sentiment. They are a seemingly natural evolution of the fantastic boot silhouettes from SEASONS 1 & 2, displaying the same combination of brawn and beauty that continues to prove immensely popular with the adoring YEEZY faithful. Luxurious suede leather is once again the standout fabric of choice for Mr. West, complementing the nylon body for an understated sleekness that underscores any YEEZY look with ease. Featured in our YEEZY SEASON 3 showcase in superb ‘Rock’ beige and ‘Onyx Shade’ black colourways, West’s military boot is constructed on a robust rubber sole, completing the heavy-duty aesthetic that helps it to adapt almost all terrains and environments.

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