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The GRANDPA CORE Fashion Trend


Forget dusty attics and mothball-scented sweaters, because grandpa is officially chic! Step aside coastal grandmother, because 2024 belongs to the….. (drumroll please)... Grandpa Core fashion movement!

It’s all about embracing the retro style in 2024! Mix N Match with going big on layering. This comfort driven Grandpa trend has recently taken off The GRANDPA CORE Fashion trend.


With this trending topic on social media, it’s time to raid Grandpa’s closet (with his permission, of course!)

Remember those comfy cardigans, classic tweed blazers, and chunky sneakers Grandpa rocks with effortless style? Turns out, he was a trendsetter all along! Think cosy knits, vintage loafers, and slouchy denim - basically, anything you could picture the coolest grandpa wearing!


#Eclecticgrandpa has been quoted by Pinterest as a 2024 trend prediction which has created a debate online. Searches for “customized denim jackets” have seen a growth of 355%. Tiktok has also become grandpa-fied with #grandpacore boasting 16.5 million views and #grandpastyle clocking in at 4.2 million.

The message is very clear: put away the skinny jeans and embrace the comfy and stylish grandpa vibes in 2024! Remember, this trend isn’t just for grandsons! Grandpa core is delightfully gender neutral, welcoming anyone who wants to channel their inner-fashion senior citizen.


Grandpacore Outfit - Balenciaga beige houndstooth blazer, Kenzo x Verdy all-over logo shirt, Givenchy stripe sweater, Kenzo stonewash jeans


Now, let’s talk specifics. Imagine yourself strolling down the street in a Balenciaga Houndstooth Blazer paired with Kenzo Blue Asagao Japanese Denim Jeans (think relaxed fit just how grandpa would like it), topped with a Kenzo by Verdy Jacquard Shirt - an eye-catching overshirt bursting with logo love. To top it up further and beat the chill, wrap yourself in a Givenchy Stripe Logo Sweater, the epitome of understated luxury.


Balenciaga Beige Houndstooth Blazer Jacket.Houndstooth pattern Balenciaga logo badge on the left sleeve Kenzo 'Kenzo by Verdy' Blue All-Over Logo Overshirt.This oversize shirt is part of the collaboration between Nigo and Verdy. It features the iconic 'KENZO Paris 18 rue Vivienne' monogram printed all over the piece.
Beige Houndstooth Blazer Jacket
'Kenzo by Verdy' Blue All-Over Logo Overshirt
Givenchy Black Stripe Logo Sweater. Black / grey GIVENCHY sweater in wool with stripes Long-sleeved sweater in lambswool with stripes Kenzo Blue Asagao Japanese Denim Jeans. These straight-fit jeans stand out with their vintage style, thanks to the faded finish.
Black Stripe Logo Sweater
Blue Asagao Japanese Denim Jeans


Finally, not to forget the 'old skool' loafers on your feet with the ultra chic Amiri Tassel Loafers. These Amiri loafers add a touch of playful sophistication.


Amiri Spring Summer 24 campaign shot. Key looks include Amiri White MA Tassel Hybrid Loafers, Cream Waffle Stitch Polo T-Shirt and Double-Pleated Trousers
Amiri White MA Tassel Hybrid Loafers. A loafer saddle is made memorable with the MA icon and custom leather tassels, while perforated star detailing adds a signature element.


So, ditch the fast fashion frenzy and embrace the timeless charm of Grandpa Core and remember, comfort and individuality are key, and your grandpa might just have the perfect wardrobe inspiration waiting to be rediscovered (or borrowed, with permission, of course!). After all, who knew the man in the worn-out sweater was a secret style icon?


Ready to curate your own grandpa core look? Head over to for tons of inspiration and designer pieces that perfectly capture the trend. From men's loafers to men's designer jumpers we’ve got your covered for all your grandpa-inspired shopping needs.


So, either for yourself, dad (the next grandpa) or grandpa himself! Embrace the comfort and style of grandpa core today!


Finally remember Father’s Day 2024 is on Sunday the 16th June 2024 - Buy yourself, dad or grandpa a sentimental fathers day gift from Zoo Fashions and celebrate the Grandpa Core Fashion Trend together.


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