Our Top Summer Holiday Travel Recommendations

As the Government continues to loosen coronavirus restrictions in the UK, more and more countries are simultaneously being moved up to the more favourable green and amber positions in the travel traffic light system. The good news is that this has all coincided with the onset of the British summer, a time when travellers typically like to make for the airports and jet off to their favourite holiday destinations.


You might remember a piece we wrote back in April of last year about travelling again in a post-pandemic landscape. Well, unfortunately, a drawn-out period of lockdowns and restrictions ultimately meant that our previous article was perhaps just a little premature, but this time around we’re confident that we aren’t just stirring up an unquenchable sense of wanderlust in our readers!

This latest editorial explores our top travel recommendations for sun, fun and adventure for every kind of vacationer. From clubbing to shopping and everything in between, discover the delights of the world outside your window this summer with our latest travel feature.

1. Ibiza


We highlighted Ibiza in our previous vacation feature last year and it remains one of our top recommended hotspots for jet setters looking to blow off a little steam and get the post “freedom day” party started. While we obviously still stress the importance of exercising a degree of caution when travelling abroad again, we can’t think of a better way to celebrate the final easing of covid restrictions in the UK than with a bouncing night out at Pacha or Amnesia or any number of Ibiza’s world-famous superclubs. It would certainly represent a spectacular return to form for the subsection of our readers who have so desperately been missing the nightlife scene during the pandemic.

But don’t let the notoriety of the island’s lively party scene trick you into believing that that’s all the island has to offer. Ibiza is awash with breathtaking scenic vistas, hiking trails, quaint old town markets and postcard-perfect beaches that can and simply must be experienced as well. We reckon that the key to the perfect holiday in Ibiza is in finding a way to balance the energy and electricity of the island’s club scene with the tranquillity of its more natural island lifestyle.


2. Portugal



Portugal was one of the first countries to welcome visitors back from the UK after the first round of restrictions were lifted on these shores a few months back. Since then it’s remained one of the most popular destinations amongst tourists and it isn’t hard to see why. Being one of the first major countries to re-open its tourism sector, Portugal is arguably one of the most experienced countries in terms of operating efficiently while providing a safe environment for visitors to enjoy their many delights. That’s a huge bonus for anyone who might be hesitating to book flights because of safety concerns.

Whether you’re looking to discover the sprawling wine valleys of Porto, or explore the incredible museums and castles of Lisbon, or simply take a load off and enjoy the gorgeous white-sand beaches of Albufeira, there really is something for everyone in Portugal. It’s perfect for families, couples, lone-adventurers and everyone in between and is regularly featured amongst the top-recommended destinations for many of the larger travel agents in the UK at the current time.


3. Iceland



Iceland has been right at the top of the Zoo Fashions travel wishlist ever since international travel became a realistic possibility once again. If sunshine and beaches aren’t the only criteria for your vacation choices, then this might just be the perfect alternative. You’ve probably heard all there is to hear about the phenomenon that is the aurora borealis (or the ‘Northern Lights’, as it’s more commonly known), but we can safely say that actually experiencing it first-hand is an entirely different thing altogether. Iceland is probably the best place to see it in the flesh and if you manage to travel at the right time of year, you’re chances of catching the fleeting spectacle increase dramatically.

As amazing as the Northern Lights are to behold, however, you’re going to want to flesh out your trip with some other unforgettable experiences. Thankfully, Iceland is home to a veritable treasure trove of things to do and see once the lights go out. Find your inner peace at the world-famous Blue Lagoon Spa, or satisfy your taste for adventure at the mighty Fjords in the west. Iceland is a country steeped in breathtaking beauty, the kind that simply does not exist anywhere else on the planet…



4. Morocco



Few travel hotspots capture the stunning beauty of the African continent like Morocco. Its become a favourite destination for travellers looking for something a little different to the experiences offered in mainland Europe, especially since the turn of the century. It’s become well-known for its vast deserts that are just screaming to be explored on camelback, colourful market towns populated by traders peddling their unique, hand-made wares and stunning beaches to view the sun setting beyond the horizon (a particular favourite pastime for holiday-making couples in Morocco!).

If you’re interested in immersing yourself in Moroccan culture, spending time with the welcoming locals and sampling the country’s delicious cuisines, then you absolutely cannot go wrong with Marrakech. But don’t sleep on the country’s other fantastic cities like Agadir and Fes if you want the quintessential Moroccan experience.


5. Jamaica



The Caribbean has always been one of the most cherished tourist destinations and of all the countries within it, we’d argue that very few typify the idyllic picture of ‘island life’ better than Jamaica. Blue skies and even bluer waters, exotic fruits and delicacies, unforgettable live entertainment; Jamaica is your one-stop-shop for all your island getaway needs and desires.

It’s hard to decide where to even start when it comes to planning your trip to "the land of wood and water", as it was once known. The likes of Ocho Rios, Montego Bay and Negril have long since ranked amongst the favourite cities for tourists to visit and picking between them is a difficult task for all the right reasons. If we had to narrow it down to just a few unmissable events and experiences, we’d strongly recommend Montego Bay for those looking to put their feet up and soak up the sun in peace; the Bay is home to some of the most incredible hotels and beaches on the island. For visitors who are more eager to see the sights and seek adventure, why not stop by the Bob Marley museum in Kingston and uncover the true-life stories of one of Jamaica’s most celebrated legendary figures, or dare to a climb up the (quite literally) breathtaking Dunn’s River Falls? If you’re willing to travel a little further than the borders of Europe for you’re next vacation, definitely consider moving Jamaica closer to the top of your bucket list.


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