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No, you’re not having déjà vu. We really did publish a review of our favourite coats and jackets from the season not too long ago. But we’re so enamoured by the exciting selection on offer this season, we simply couldn’t resist diving back in and bringing you another!

We’re certainly beginning to see the worst of the winter weather on these shores now, so there’s no better time to invest in a new coat - the most ‘must-have’ of winter-wardrobe ‘must-haves’. And with Christmas now just around the corner, you might even be shopping with that special someone in mind… (even if that ‘special someone’ just happens to be yourself!)



Moncler Ecrins Red Nylon Down Jacket




Just to compound on that feeling of déjà vu that we mentioned earlier, Moncler’s stunning Ecrins jacket certainly does bring about a strange sense of familiarity. That’s because Ecrins, in many ways, is the natural evolution of the ultra-popular Moncler Maya silhouette. It heavily riffs off the design of its predecessor, diverging only slightly from the original template with a marginally longer body which offers a larger zone of protection from the elements. And rest assured, the adjustable snap cuffs, the conveniently-placed utility sleeve pocket and all the other popular features make a welcome return.

Ecrins doesn’t stray too far from the “if it ain't broke, don't fix it” formula and if the immense popularity of Maya (especially within celebrity circles) is anything to go by, it certainly wasn’t broken in the first place. Moncler has simply refined the formula with their latest iteration and we’re only more in infatuated with it this time around. The Moncler Ecrins jacket is also available in a cool navy blue option, but it’s not exactly an insider secret that our featured red colourway is the real showstopper.



Givenchy Black Logo Tape Puffer Jacket

“No frills, all thrills” is the mantra for Givenchy’s logo tape bomber jacket, a decidedly inconspicuous model that doesn’t need to shout to be heard. While it shuns ostentatious logo branding and brash colouring, it simply oozes class with a sleek monochrome colour palette and a refined feature set. Everything you really need to know is neatly condensed into one line of text at the centre of the garment - a discreet print citing the address of Givenchy’s main headquarters. It acts as a kind of brand signature, one that references the Parisian roots of the label and the promise of uncompromising quality that comes with them.


But perhaps most importantly, there’s a wonderful, intrinsic permanency to Givenchy’s puffer jacket that will preserve its relevance throughout the coming seasons. As such, we can’t recommend it enough to anyone looking to invest in a timeless classic that will hopefully play the leading role in your wardrobe rotations for many years to come.




Saint Laurent Shearling Collar Houndstooth Check Coat

Saint Laurent’s houndstooth check coat is one of those pieces that has the innate power to uplift almost any outfit. With its eminently luxurious shearling collar and elegant houndstooth detailing, it’s the picture of modern sophistication, the likes of which has become synonymous with Saint Laurent’s ready-to-wear collections. It has all the attributes necessary to perform across a wide variety of dress codes too. Combine it with a pair of plaid trousers and Chelsea boots for a smart-casual look with a classic heritage spirit. Or maybe you’re more inclined to go formal with an all-black trouser and penny loafer coupling. Whatever the vibe, you won’t struggle in finding an outfit set that works and works well. Considering its premium build quality and the longevity that comes as a result of its inherently versatile nature, Saint Laurent’s shearling collar coat is surely the ultimate investment piece.




Palm Angels Panelled Desert Logo Puffer Jacket 

Francesco Ragazzi’s Palm Angels has really built up a head of steam in recent times. The exuberant spirit of the label has quickly captured the hearts and minds of the fashion-forward youth in a similar manner to other cult-favourites like Virgil Abloh’s Off-White and James Jebbia’s Supreme. But with the right artistic direction and brand vision, Palm Angels has really been able to step into its own light, consistently delivering inspired seasonal collections which befit a designer who is beginning to demonstrate a real confidence in the sureness of his craft.


Two or three years ago, you may not have associated a fur-collared puffer jacket with the likes of Palm Angels at all. However, its mere existence more than hints at Francesco Ragazzi’s growth as a consummate fashion designer, capable of producing full and varied menswear collections. For that reason alone, it’s a truly special piece. Clearly, a lot of love and care has gone into its design, with the fluffy faux-fur collar, adventurous colour blocking and intricate desert logo embroidery being examples of the attention to detail that makes it an undisputed collection highlight.





Kenzo Grey Corduroy Bomber Jacket 

If you’ve been paying any real attention to this feature thus far, you should’ve noticed a recurring theme by now. Fur trims (faux or otherwise) are clearly in vogue season and Kenzo has certainly capitalised on the trend with their featured corduroy bomber jacket. There’s something about the soft, woolly collar hugging your neck as you venture out into the unforgiving cold of December that makes this style such an inviting prospect for the winter months. The same fur accent can also be found at the borders of the two side patch pockets, lending a satisfying air of continuity to the garment’s aesthetic.

But what we love most about this piece is just how effortlessly wearable it is. With its easy-going corduroy shell and generally unassuming profile, it can be combined with jeans, cargos, chinos, boots, trainers and pretty much everything in between without ever seeming out of place. It’s a versatile, contemporary classic for the modern man; a man who often needs to operate with some degree of flexibility to meet the constantly evolving demands of everyday life.



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