Find Your Fitness Again In The New Year

Undoubtedly one of the toughest years for us collectively, as human beings, has finally come to an end. And while we’re acutely aware that we’re still far from overcoming the final hurdle and declaring victory over the pandemic and its ramifications, we can hope that a new year and a fresh start might just bring about a change of fortunes for us all.


A wise man once said: “be the change you wish to see in the world”, and we can hardly think of a more fitting sentiment to observe as we set about outlining our resolutions for the new year. It might just be that if we want to see a change in our quality of life, we have to be the ones to create the spark. It’s up to us to prioritise our own mental and physical wellbeing, in the hopes of ultimately inspiring long-standing, positive effects on all other aspects of our lives. Regular exercise is the key to maintaining that personal welfare and we want to do our part in inspiring you back to full fitness in 2021. Gyms and leisure centres may remain closed for now in the UK, but the time has never been better for reinitiating your park runs and home workout regimens!

It’s long been our belief that if you look good, you feel good. And if you at least feel good in how you look, exercising becomes more of a recreation and less of a chore. With that being said, here is a hand-picked selection of styles that are getting us up and active this new year…



Moncler Grenoble Villair Pastel Blue Windbreaker 


  • Moncler Grenoble

    Villair Pastel Blue Windbreaker

One of the major problems faced with aspiring gym bunnies looking to reverse the damage brought about by gluttonous overeating during the holiday season is summoning the motivation to make such a drastic lifestyle U-turn, seemingly out of the blue. Such a motivation is even more difficult to manufacture when you factor in the discouragingly low temperatures plaguing these shores at the present time. How can anyone even dream of rolling out of bed at 7 am for a morning jog when it’s just so cold?



The key, of course, is to find a means of shielding yourself from the perilous early morning frost while maintaining the freedom of mobility. That’s where Moncler Grenoble’s ‘Villair’ windbreaker comes into play. Our featured jacket comes equipped with an incredibly lightweight GORE-TEX Paclite® membrane, the likes of which has been manufactured to resist and repel even the most arduous of weather conditions, particularly the biting winds of winter. If you’ve been keeping up with our more recent editorial features, you’ll no doubt be sufficiently clued up on Moncler Grenoble’s technical expertise regarding winter apparel, so it’s really only for us now to reiterate that in ‘Villair’, you truly are buying the very best. If running, jogging or even walking is your preferred means of shifting the festive weight, we can’t recommend Moncler Grenoble’s ‘Villair’ windbreaker highly enough. 


Balenciaga Black Gym Wear Large Fit T-Shirt



    Gym Wear T-Shirt


    Gym Wear Shorts


    Gym Wear Hoodie


    Gym Wear Sweat Pants


Balenciaga has been unofficially pioneering the luxury athleisure movement for a great many seasons now, particularly while under the management of current creative director Demna Gvasalia. The ‘Gym Wear’ campaign is a more literal take on that hybridisation, consisting of a line of clothing which all bear the ‘Gym Wear’ logo moniker. It’s almost tongue-in-cheek in its overtly transparent branding, suggesting that not only is the designer totally fine with you throwing his garments into your activewear rotation, but is actively encouraging you to do so. It’s athleisure with the gloves off.


This featured t-shirt from the same collection is a testament to that sentiment. It’s suitably oversized, allowing for a full range of movement while you work up a sweat, and has that casual, laidback appeal that is so typical of the Balenciaga aesthetic.


Y-3 Orisan White Trainers


  • Y-3

    Orisan White Trainers

  • Y-3

    Orisan Black Trainers

Arguably the most important component of your workout wardrobe is your footwear and that principle was at the forefront of our thoughts when compiling this selection. Performance and functionality is the name of the game when it comes to optimising your workouts and Y-3’s ‘Orisan’ trainer certainly fits the bill in that department with its patented, energy generating Boost midsole technology and double-layer mesh upper construction for enhanced breathability and uncompromising weather-repellency. The ‘Orisan’ is one of the crowning jewels of Y-3’s showcase and easily earns its place on our list.


Y-3 Black CH2 Collar 


  • Y-3

    CH2 Layered T-Shirt

  • Y-3

    Black CH2 Collar

Y-3 are no strangers to the activewear department, drawing on adidas’ vast sports fashion experience to consistently deliver a range of technically astute apparel. The CH2 collar is certainly one of their more unconventional designs, presenting itself as a sort of curious fusing of a snood and a gilet. And while it may not have been initially conceived specifically as workout apparel, we saw the potential.



We’re thinking of those unforgiving winter morning runs once again, where the CH2 collar’s hybrid-style profile allows it to fill the space between a t-shirt (which probably won’t offer enough protection from the cold) and a jacket (which may not allow the necessary freedom of movement). It’s a wonderfully unique layering accessory that can be deployed in a wide variety of outfit styles and flavours and we would certainly bank on its practicality for runs, jogs and simply even brisk walks around the park. 


Moncler Durance Grey Nylon Belt Bag 




    Durance Belt Bag


If you are committing to exercising regularly this year, you’ll probably want to invest in a safe place to keep your workout paraphernalia - and sometimes your pockets simply won’t cut it. You may have to think about your phone, your headphones, maybe even a protein bar or two, and stuffing them all into your pockets really doesn’t make for a great look (not to mention how uncomfortable it’s bound to be). Of course, a full-sized bag or backpack would be far too cumbersome, so we’ve opted for this neat little ‘Durance’ belt bag from Moncler for storing our essentials while we work our way back to fitness in the new year. We can’t think of a safer, more secure place than right there on your person and the adjustable strap allows your belt bag to be as close to or as far from your person as you see fit. The technical nylon membrane makes this style supremely lightweight, so you’ll never be lugging around any significant weight, even with your valuables inside.



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