Boots To Face The Winter In

No self-respecting winter outfit ensemble can really call itself complete without a rugged, sturdy pair of footwear to keep the elements at bay. Luckily for you, we’ve got just the thing. The old faithful boot was originally conceived as a means of withstanding the pressures of adverse weather conditions and challenging terrain and to stave off the by-effects of wear and tear. As such, the boot has remained an indispensable style in the modern man’s wardrobe rotation.

In the past, boots were thought to be little more than a means to an end. A necessary outfit component designed only in the interest of meeting practical requirements (think wellington boots for trudging through the mud and hiking boots for scaling steep, rocky surfaces), with nary a passing thought for real style or creative flair. Thankfully, we’ve come a long way since the dark days of having to sacrifice fashion for function or vice versa, as modern designers pioneer the concept of engineering a synergy between the two philosophies.

Now, your trusty boot can not only be an effective means of providing protection from the punishing winter weather, but also a true representation of your personal style. Here are five of the best examples to illustrate exactly what we mean…


Palm Angels x Clarks Sand Suede Desert Boots


Few footwear silhouettes can rival the iconic status of the desert boot. The style has received countless minor tweaks since its introduction to the global stage in the 1950s, but the core concepts have remained. Expect to find hard-wearing leathers (which must be both durable and lightweight in order to really fit the brief), refined and sophisticated design profiles and, of course, the signature crepe sole.


Our featured entry from the Palm Angels x Clarks collaboration ticks all those boxes and throws in a few of its own for good measure. One of the first details you’ll notice is Palm Angels’ classic gothic moniker embossed along the vamp, set against the backdrop of the sand, suede leather body. There’s a rustic, almost barren disposition to the design, as if the boot was literally pulled out of the desert itself! It’s this kind of attention to detail that brings the model into its own and justifies its claim to being a real statement-style option for your most chic outfit ensembles.


Moncler Black Bubble Boots


Moncler is no newcomer to the world of luxury outdoor apparel. In fact, the very essence of the brand is rooted in the world of the mountain, taking its name from the alpine town of Monestier-de-Clermont, at which it was conceived. So it should stand to reason that their debuting Bubble boots should safely secure a spot on our list. Coming pre-loaded with a laundry list of functional intricacies, these boots were certainly made for walking. And running. And climbing. And hiking... You get the point.


An unconventionally shaped, segmented ‘Bubble’ sole is the distinctive feature here, providing traction on even the most unsure of surfaces and giving the model its name in the process. Climbing-styles laces, rubber strap fasteners and padded ankle cuffs round out the comprehensive feature list, guaranteeing a safe, secure and comfortable user experience when taking your Moncler Bubble boots out on your many outdoor adventures.


Y-3 Notoma Beige Boots


Rugged, robust and ready for the great outdoors, Y-3’s Notoma boot comes packaged to the hilt with weather-resistant details. Amongst its myriad of winning features, it boasts a sturdy, thick-tread sole for optimal traversal in both urban and country terrains, PrimaLoft® insulation for enhanced comfort and warmth and an EVA midsole to cushion your step and ease soreness after long wear. With its unabashedly feature-heavy design, Notoma actively encourages exploration and adventure, almost daring you to push it to its absolute limits. The only limit to what you can do and where you can go with the Y-3 Notoma boots is your own imagination.


Christian Louboutin Melon Spikes Brown Suede Chelsea Boots


We probably don’t need to say too much about the inimitable luxury appeal of Christian Louboutin. The famous Maison is widely regarded as the pinnacle of luxury fashion, especially when speaking of designer footwear. So in that regard, Christian Louboutin’s ‘Melon’ Chelsea boot really needs no introduction. But this particular silhouette offers so much more than just its good looks. In somewhat juxtaposing fashion, Melon comes fitted with a rugged, lug sole unit, purpose-built for tackling touch terrain and guaranteeing a sure-footed experience on imperfect surfaces. Such a simple feature lends an entirely new dimension to its wearability, adding a welcome element of brawn to its beauty. We absolutely love this unique, hybrid approach, especially the way in which it dares to deviate from the more archetypal Christian Louboutin aesthetic.


Stone Island Shadow Project Black Suede & Leather Chelsea Boots


The S0422 Chelsea boot from Stone Island Shadow Project’s latest menswear showcase is a masterstroke in utilitarian design. It harnesses the technical savoir-faire of Stone Island Shadow Project whilst leveraging collaborating partner Vibram®’s patented sole technology to produce a model that perfectly aligns with the label’s aesthetic. And whilst inherently practical features such as the elasticated inlays and Velcro fastening sides speak to its partiality to functional design, it also utilises luxury fabrics, deftly incorporating sleek black suedes and leathers to impose its mark of premium craftsmanship.

It’s a perfect example of the timeless interplay between form and function, a concept that lays the foundation for Stone Island Shadow Project’s very existence. And as such, its strengths lie in its versatility. It certainly possesses the tools to comfortably carry you across all manner of terrains and surfaces, but it also oozes with the confidence and swagger necessary to make a real impression in your more city-style outfits too.


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