Introducing The Debut Capsule Collection From Adidas x Missoni

For the very first time, sportswear giants adidas join forces with iconic Italian fashion brand Missoni to create a line of performance shoes and apparel that celebrates the innovation and craftsmanship of the adidas brand and the visionary art direction of Missoni.

The creative collaboration is painted upon a rich canvas of history, paying homage to adidas’ dedication to the craft of performance and Missoni’s vision in fashion. Co-founded with Ottavio Missoni’s wife Rosita, the Missoni brand is renowned for its kaleidoscope of colours, unconventional patterns and innovative dying techniques which helped to shape the modern age of ready-to-wear.

The adidas x Missoni range seamlessly blends Missoni’s iconic aesthetic with adidas’ focus on high-performance sports apparel, resulting in a limited-edition range that effortlessly fuses together style and performance.

The collection features a collection of adidas’ iconic Ultraboost trainers, which incorporate Missoni’s trademark Space-dying technique on the knitted upper to achieve the iconic “Flame” pattern which Missoni is renowned for. Meanwhile, adidas’ industry defining BOOST technology in the shoe’s midsole provides runners with optimal responsiveness and energy.

The range of apparel includes a cast of franchise running product brought to life via adidas’ Primeknit technology. This range offers the runner a full ensemble with a Primeknit short sleeve t-shirt, a weather-resistant PHX jacket a slub-knit version of the iconic ‘Saturday Shorts’. All are available in two unique colourways - multicoloured and black and white.

The adidas x Missoni collection is available in store and online at ZOOFASHIONS.COM from April 25th, 10am CET.



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