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The Hottest Trends From Spring/Summer 2021

Posted on March 19 2021

The world has been forced to endure arguably one of the toughest years in human history, but that hasn’t stopped designers from setting the fashion world ablaze with their collections for the SS21 season. The wealth of creativity and innovation that characterises these collections serves as a true testament to the power of human endeavour in the face of adversity and also a timely reminder that fashion and the arts can be crucial cathartic escapes from bleak and difficult times.


From the virtual runways and online showrooms of Paris, Milan and beyond, we’ve been treated to a wide variety of truly special designs and silhouettes this season. For the latest in our series of style reports, we thought we’d round up some of the hottest themes and trends from the season in the hopes that you might be able to cut yourself in on some of the action. Remember, the time to revisit your favourite bars, clubs and pubs is fast approaching, so don’t waste this final opportunity to prep your wardrobe with some of the most coveted outfit styles available today…



Did we mention that it’s almost time to head back outside? Because if we didn’t, it’s almost time to head back outside! (Fingers and toes crossed). Luckily, the fashion world seems to be in on the motive to get us up and out into the open with an apparent emphasis on outdoor-ready styles, ranging from weather-resistant windbreakers all the way through to tough-soled boots and trainers. You’ll find something well-suited to our outdoor excursions, no matter the weather. Planning a spirited hike through the woods? Then you’ll most certainly want to boot up with Givenchy’s Khaki Neoprene & Leather Combat Boots. Expecting rain? Well, in the spirit of hoping for the best but preparing for the worst, we recommend taking Moncler’s Grimpeurs Khaki Nylon Jacket along with you for the ride. This trend also presents an exciting opportunity to experiment with utilitarian designs that can lend a secondary, yet equally important layer of functionality to your outfit. The likes of Moncler’s Pierrick Black Logo Backpack are fantastic for providing portable storage solutions (which will no doubt be invaluable on your travels) all while maintaining a sleek, understated profile.


  • Y-3

    Navy Blue Ripstop Windbreaker


    Pierrick Black Logo Backpack



    Logo Jacquard Nylon Front Cardigan 


    Khaki Neoprene & Leather Combat Boots




Our favourite designers have really doubled down on vivid colour palettes and bold tones this season, perhaps in an attempt to lighten the dreary atmosphere that’s been brought about by a seemingly endless series of lockdowns. Our SS21 showcase is punctuated by lively neons and pastels, proving that colour is always cool and always in style. Bombastic designs found in the likes of Saint Laurent’s Hawaiian Print Short Sleeve Shirt and Valentino’s Floral Print Nylon Windbreaker arrive just in time for the upcoming spring and summer months, in which monochrome palettes will carry a lot less favour and, conversely, statement colours will have their time to shine in the sun. So why not bask within their glory?



  • Saint laurent

    Tie-Dye Print Logo T-Shirt


    Floral Print Nylon Windbreaker


  • Palm angels

    Green Crocodile Print T-Shirt


    Orange Logo Patch Polo T-Shirt




It’s not too early to start talking about holidays, is it? Well, maybe just in hushed tones for now. What we do want to shout about, however, is the abundance of holiday shirts that made an appearance over the SS21 runway season. There’s nothing quite like a colourful, floral-print shirt to evoke the laidback, carefree vibe of the summer and that sentiment is evidently shared by some of the leading designers in the industry this season. It’s certainly not been lost on us either, with standout styles such as Saint Laurent’s Black Confetti Hibiscus Print Silk Shirt and Amiri’s Black Polka Dots Short Sleeve Shirt illustrating our appreciation for a trend that hopefully ushers in a new era of sunshine, positive vibes and better times for us all. Exotic vacations may not quite be in plain view just yet, but with a gradual easing of restrictions promised in the very near future, you’ll certainly have plenty of opportunities to flaunt your exciting new summer shirt until your heart’s content.



    Off-White Embroidered Tunic


    Black Polka Dots Short Sleeve Shirt



    Hawaiian Print Short Sleeve Shirt



    Black Confetti Hibiscus Print Silk Shirt




The consumerist focal shift to buying loungewear during the stay-at-home lockdown era is perhaps the primary contributing factor to emerging popularity in luxury athleisure apparel this season. If we’re going to be forced to remain indoors, then we want to be as comfortable as possible while we do. But if you’ve been paying attention to our more recent editorial features, you’ll be well aware of our position on sacrificing style for comfort. Namely, that it’s not a compromise that actually needs to be made at all. In fact, this featured SS21 trend is surely proof of this theory, with designers showcasing a myriad of head-turning lounge and activewear designs that you’d actually want to be seen kicking about the house in. We love Palm Angels’ Desert Camo Short Tracksuit as an example of a fun outfit set that’s perfect for your more casual ventures into town and also for lazier days spent relaxing in the comfort of your own home or perhaps back garden. Its simple, effortless styling and it’s exactly what the people want right now.



    Desert Camo Short Tracksuit


    Black Fleece Track Pants



    Grey Embroidered Logo Short Tracksuit


    Grey Track Jacket with Magenta Stripes



Ferocious wild cats, magnificent birds of prey and sinister serpents - if it’s wild, it’s wanted this season. Many of the more show-stopping pieces from our SS21 showcase have been infused with the spirit of the beast. Some are decorated with all-over animal motifs ranging from leopard prints to snake skins, while others see artistic graphics of eagles and bears shine as the centrepieces of their respective designs. Because it speaks so clearly to our driving desire to source the most unique and exotic luxury styles around, this is very much a trend after our own hearts. In fact, this ethos is the very reason the name “Zoo” Fashions came to be in the first place! Look to the likes of Palm Angels and Amiri to get your animal fix for the season.




    Black Amiri Snake T-Shirt


    Military Green Bear Print T-Shirt



    Black Amiri Eagle Sweatshirt


    Leopard Print Denim Shorts

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