How To Accessorise This Spring

Bluer skies, longer days and extended stretches of glorious sunshine are just a few hallmarks of the upcoming spring season that we have to look forward to. And with any luck, we’ll hopefully be released from our pandemic prisons just in time to enjoy them in all their glory - the potential icing on an already appetising cake.


With that in mind, we think it’s well past time to turn our collective attention towards our wardrobes and ‘spring cleaning’ the contents therein. In particular, we want to place a special emphasis on the perfect accessories to complement and complete your outfits this coming season, pieces that embody the light-hearted, carefree spirit of the spring and the soul-restoring vibes that it promises to bring along with it. Read on to discover the ultimate spring accessories checklist, as recommended by our very own style advisors…


Saint Laurent Neil Black Braided Leather Sandals


The Saint Laurent Neil Black Braided Leather Sandals are purpose-built to capitalise on the best that the sunnier months have to offer. The intricate braiding of the foot straps and open-ended design encourage you to let the elements take control as the sun and cool spring breeze filter through to your skin. We think this spring should be all about letting go of everything that weighs you down while simply experiencing the gift of nature and we can think of very few other wardrobe accessories that so readily give you the tools to do so. Dress yours with Saint Laurent’s Black Confetti Hibiscus Print Silk Shirt and Valentino’s Dark Grey Bermuda Shorts with Side Stripes.


Moncler Military Green Nylon Phone Case


This one’s been a real favourite of ours for some time now and much of its appeal owes to its unique design. An ostensible hybrid between a phone case and a crossbody bag, our featured accessory is inherently capable of serving more than just one purpose. This is important because it fits in with the essence of semi-permanency that usually befits the typical spring outfit. The weather can tend to be slightly temperamental at this time of year, meaning you may need to swap outfit components in and out (think caps for when the sunshine intensifies and hoodies for when it subsides in the evening) as the day progresses. Having an accessory that can be as flexible as you are is an absolute bonus. And don’t be afraid to experiment with it either. Might we suggest using Moncler’s Military Green Nylon Phone Case to store your small accessories and wallet essentials as opposed to solely your phone for instance?


Off-White Black Arrow Easy Backpack 


We’re looking towards the coming months with a renewed sense of optimism and as such, we’re hoping that some forms of light travel (domestically of course) will be on the cards once again. No potential outfit for a spring trip or excursion is complete without an accessory to keep the essentials in one place, and that’s where Off-White’s Black Arrow Easy Backpack comes into play. Its lightweight construction and generally unassuming aesthetic make it the ideal accessory to casually throw on and off on the fly - perfect for when you know you’ll be up and about and on the go for the duration of the day. This looks great alongside Off-White’s own White Sprayed Caravaggio Print T-Shirt and Blue Diagonal Pocket Skinny Jeans for a nonchalant weekender vibe.


Palm Angels Military Camo Socks


One of the most enjoyable parts of dressing for the spring and summer months is finally getting the opportunity to give your socks their moment in the sun. They can be a really simple and fun way of expressing your eccentricity and when you’re rocking shorts and cropped trousers during the warmer months, socks become a visible component of your outfit. Palm Angels’ Military Camo Socks really fit the bill in that regard with their bold patterning and varied array of colours. We also just love the playful subversion of camouflage being utilised to stand out, rather than to blend in in this design! You’re going to want to keep things laidback and informal with this particular accessory, combining streetwear options from the likes of Off-White and Balenciaga to match the mood.


Amiri Black & White Amiri Core Trucker Hat


The trucker hat has become an increasingly sought-after accessory in recent years and, in our humble opinion, should absolutely be an essential player in the modern man’s spring/summer wardrobe rotation. Mike Amiri has been at the forefront of this popularisation with designs like this incredible Amiri Black & White Amiri Core Trucker Hat frequenting many of his menswear collections. The light mesh rear panel easily allows for head heat to filter out and the outside breeze to filter in, promoting good air circulation and keeping you cool when the temperatures begin to rise. We suggest wearing yours with the Black Amiri Grateful Dead T-Shirt, Bandana Thrash Antique Black Jeans and Bone Runner Warm Grey Trainers for Amiri’s full, on-brand rocker boy aesthetic.


Valentino Garavani Black Identity Leather Crossbody Bag


Valentino Garavani’s Black Identity Leather Crossbody Bag is perfect for those who want to go about their springtime activities with an air of poise and sophistication. Or even those who choose to always adhere to this aesthetic, no matter the weather or occasion. But the key to this off-the-runway accessory’s efficacy lies in its versatility. Its minimalist design and supple, almost malleable leather construction allow for it to easily be dressed up or down, looking just as at home in a more typical, casual springtime outfit as it does in a slightly more formal get-together. Our preference would be to combine Valentino Garavani’s crossbody bag with a floral shirt from the likes of Saint Laurent, a breathable pair of casual trousers and perhaps an open-toed sandal for a chic bohemian look.


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