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Sergio Zambon For 2 Moncler 1952

Posted on February 27 2020

Sergio Zambon experiments with ideas of layering and collaborating with other creatives for his latest Moncler 1952 collection, following his own inclination for the juxtaposition of seemingly distant elements into an all-inclusive, far-stretching mix. Collaboration really is the keyword for this project, as Zambon involves external players, ultimately engaging in rich creative dialogues.

According to Zambon, Moncler is an icon that is "real and rooted in youth culture". The shapes are kept easy and straightforward, yet subtly tweaked and twisted. His project features a carefully curated collection of trench-coats, windbreakers, parkas, padded vests, jumpers, tees and trousers, with whites, blacks and greys juxtaposed with bright dashes of green and electric blue. Leopard-inspired "Ocelot" spots add a wild twist to staple pieces such as the fantastic Jau windbreaker. Crinkled nylon is used for summer travel jackets, while kimono-shaped sports hoods and Nbedele geometries adorn narrow scarves.




This season, the aforementioned collaborations include Awake NY, a streetwear brand conceived by Supreme's former brand director Angelo Baque, that captures the unique spirit and diversity of the Big Apple. In a two-way exchange, the Moncler/Awake logos are simply yet boldly juxtaposed on jackets and trousers.

Zambon also enlisted the services of graphics guru Fergus Purcell (famed for his work with Palace Skateboards), who designed a collection of motifs and graphics inspired by African wax prints.





Sergio Zambon is a multitasker with an uncanny ability to creatively adapt to every environment he inhabits. Honing and fine-tuning an holistic, all-around approach, he has worked over the years for a variety of houses and brands, offering his skills as a designer and a communicator whilst maintaing his unique sense of harmony and balance. Fluidity and adaptability are just two of the many important qualities that Zambon has nurtured since childhood, being brought up in a wandering, multicultural environment. Born in Egypt to an Italian father and a Croatian mother, he settled in Rome, where he completed fashion studies at Istituto Europeo di Design. He previously worked as a consultant for twelve years at Fendi, whilst simulatenously nurturing a niche project in the form of his own womenswear label. His impressive CV also includes a spell at Acne Studios, in which he was employed as head of menswear. Formerly the designer of Moncler Twist, Sergio Zambon has been responsible for menswear at 2 Moncler 1952 since the inception of the project.


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