How To Make The Most Of Your Remaining Time At Home

By now, we’re fairly positive that the majority of our readers have become well and truly acquainted with their own four walls and the contents therein. As the months spent in lockdown continue to roll by, it’s all too easy to become dispirited and lose the motivation for even the things we love to do the most. But fret not, all is not lost! We don’t want to tempt fate, but if recent Government announcements are anything to go by, the vast majority of restrictions (at least in the UK) could be lifted just in time for the summer! And while exotic vacations and music festivals may be off the menu for a while yet, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t enjoy and make the most of your remaining days spent at home. So with that being said, here is a choice selection of ideas and activities for you to experiment with while passing the time at home (and how to look great while you do!).


Revive your home workout regimen



In recent posts, we’ve discussed the importance of maintaining a consistent level of fitness as a means of preserving both your physical and mental wellbeing. So it should come as no surprise that we’re recommending home workouts as an essential vehicle for escaping the lockdown slump. But the key to really relishing (rather than loathing) the prospect is to make your workout regime unique to your own personal style and this certainly extends to your choice of wardrobe. In terms of raw performance and technical proficiency, you can hardly do better than our featured Y-3 Orisan White Trainers, which stands out from the pack with a vibrant red heel panel and complex fabric construction. We’ve styled ours with this Moncler Grey Embroidered Logo Short Tracksuit and White CH1 Logo T-Shirt from Y-3 to complete a look that inspires us to get creative with our workouts.




    Embroidered Logo Short Tracksuit

  • Y-3

    CH1 Logo Print T-Shirt


  • Y-3

    Orisan White Trainers



Re-invent your WFH wardrobe



So you may have been working from home for a while now, attempting to straddle the line between excessively formal and discourteously casual when it comes to your home office uniform. Striking the right balance can be a daunting task, especially when you know you’ll have to appear on camera in front of your manager and colleagues! With the passage of time, we’ve found that the house rules for WFH wardrobes have somewhat relaxed, the prevailing emphasis now being on dressing for comfort and productivity, rather than adhering to a rigid dress code. So our advice would be to avoid overthinking and have some fun experimenting with a mix of smart-casual hybrids, conventional silhouettes and even a smattering of leisurely styles. The Ralph Lauren Purple Label Grey Aviation Bear Turtleneck Sweater and Givenchy Black Wool Logo Tape Trousers combo in our above look has a whimsical undertone, whilst maintaining the business-ready attitude that will help keep you focused and on track for the duration of your workday.




    Aviation Bear Turtleneck Sweater


    Black Wool Logo Tape Trousers


Dress up for video parties


The overwhelming success of video communication services like Zoom and Skype (and even Houseparty in the earlier days of the lockdown era) owes largely to the way in which they’ve helped families and friends stay connected in a time where interpersonal connectivity is such a rare commodity. Of course, like any popular craze, interest in video meets has inevitably begun to wane over time. But evidently, we’re not quite over it just yet. There has been a noticeable resurgence in Zoom activity across the board as of late and we’re seizing this opportunity to shake the lockdown funk, both metaphorically and literally speaking! There’s some real potential to get your boogie on with interactive club experiences, virtual discos and so much more on offer now, as event organisers discover more and more creative ways to get you up off your feet and moving to a beat. It would simply be poor form (not to mention a criminal waste of a rare opportunity) not to dress for the occasion, which is why we’ve suggested a charismatic outfit consisting of Saint Laurent’s Leopard Print Silk Shirt, Amiri’s Bandana Thrash Clay Indigo Jeans and Christian Louboutin’s Dandelion Beige Suede Leather Loafers - an ensemble which will certainly bring bags of flair to your humble living room.



    Leopard Print Silk Shirt


    Bandana Thrash Clay Indigo Jeans



    Dandelion Leather Loafers

Embrace your home comforts



Surely one of the best things about being stuck at home is, well, being stuck at home, right? You can, of course, have too much of a good thing, but there are some indisputable advantages to having more time at home. You could finally get started on that passion project you’ve been putting off for years. Maybe you could finally get round to that bit of DIY that so desperately needs seeing to? Or, you could simply enjoy doing not much of anything at all! Now we’re not in any way suggesting you go full-on couch potato, but there’s nothing wrong with putting your feet up a little bit more than you usually would and embracing this rare opportunity to recharge your batteries. And with spring now just around the corner, there’s a likelihood that you’ll even be able to rediscover your back garden. As long as the weather holds, it’s never too early to start thinking about family BBQs and picnics again! We’ve gone for an easy-lounging approach with this Black Bi-Material Oversized T-Shirt and Red Refracted Logo Sweat Shorts combo from Givenchy and a pairing of the White Arrow Mid Sport Socks and Black Industrial Belt Slide Sandals from Off-White. Whether you’re indoors or outdoors this lockdown, be sure to opt for laid back styles that compliment your home comforts.



    Bi-Material Oversized T-Shirt


    Refracted Logo Sweat Shorts



    Industrial Belt Slide Sandals


    Arrow Mid Sport Socks

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