Essential Styles For Transitioning To The Spring


At the admitted risk of tempting fate, it’s probably safe to assume that the worst of the winter is now firmly behind us. And although we wouldn’t be as bold as to proclaim that spring has finally sprung, we’re eagerly anticipating the coming change in season and all that it promises to bring. While we’ve been forced to endure one of toughest winters on record (one that’s certainly been exacerbated by lockdowns and restrictions), hope does spring eternal. Our prevailing hope is that we can gradually ease our way back to some semblance of normalcy and really start to embrace our fashion to the fullest once more.


We plan to meet the new season head on with forward-thinking wardrobe upgrades that truly reflect the cool spring vibe. Transitional silhouettes and mood-lifting colourways are the order of the day in our latest feature, as we bring you the essential outfit styles to deploy this spring.




Lightweight jackets




While we can certainly expect some raised temperatures and progressively bluer skies, it’s easy to get carried away and forget that spring does still bring some chilly days along with it, especially when the sun retreats beyond the horizon. So we’re not abandoning all of our jackets just yet. It’s important to stay prepared and the appropriate outerwear is the perfect place to start. A breathable, lightweight jacket will keep you cool when the sun is at its warmest, while still offering you that crucial protection from the inevitable chill when the night begins to set in. Of course, we can’t rule out the potential of rain either and styles like our featured Stone Island Shadow Project Red Gore-Tex Paclite Jacket are fully equipped to deal with undesirable weather with their tough, water-resistant shells.




Versatile knitwear



We’ve been fawning over our super-snug knitwear for a while now, especially as we embrace the new ‘comfycore’ revolution that has swept the nation during lockdown. In truth, we’ve garnered a newfound appreciation for the humble cardigan that should happily see us into the spring. As we mentioned before, consistently warm weather is by no means a guarantee and a throw-on-cardigan could be just the piece to quickly provide an extra layer of insulation when the weather takes a turn for the worse. It’s important to avoid anything too thick or bulky, however, allowing yourself the option to layer up or down as you see fit. This Moncler Navy Blue Logo Jacquard Nylon Front Cardigan is made from a lightweight, fourteen-gauge cotton knit and meets all the requirements for a comfortable transition from winter to spring.


Easy-going headwear



A few different categories made the shortlist for our quintessential spring accessory of choice, but we eventually settled on headwear for its practicality in prepping you for the transition into the new season. Whether you prefer bucket hats, baseball caps or trucker hats, the great thing about casual hats like these is that they’re primed for a variety of different weather conditions. For instance on the one hand, they’re perfect for shielding your face from the sun on warmer days and on the other, they inherently reduce the amount of heat that escapes from your body on colder days. It really is anyone’s guess what the weather gods could throw at you at this time of year, so why not cover all bases? Our hot pick is this Valentino Garavani Black VLTN Times Print Bucket Hat which personifies the chilled spirit of the spring season with its laidback, carefree attitude.


Relaxed trousers



As comfortable and as reassuringly familiar as they may be, you just can’t live in your sweat pants forever. The change in season gives you the perfect opportunity to add a few pairs of casual, easy-going trousers into your wardrobe rotation. Whether you’re heading into town, popping to the park for a leisurely stroll or even just looking for a relaxed trouser to wear while you work from home, the flexibility of Moncler’s Navy Blue Casual Athletic Trousers and others like it ensures that you’re never found wanting, regardless of the scenario. Look for lightweight fabrics to generous fits to keep you cool and free during spring days.


Breathable trainers


It’s time to treat your feet! With the imminent arrival of spring, we’re shifting our focus to the more light and breezy trainers in our showcase. The intention here is to dissipate some of the stifling heat that becomes an inevitable by-product of the raised temperatures and allow for some air circulation. Luckily, wearability is a much higher priority for designers these days and we’re beginning to see features like breathable meshes and perforated leathers implemented into trainer silhouettes on a more regular basis in the contemporary scene. Valentino’s Pierpaolo Piccioli recently updated the seminal ‘Rockrunner’ trainer with a primeknit mesh variant - the subject of our featured Valentino Garavani Burgundy Mesh Camouflage Rockrunner Trainer. This particular model has ‘spring wardrobe’ written all over it, coming in a raucous red camo colourway to help you step away from the dismal grey skies of winter in statement-making style.



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