Valentino's Fantastic Animals

For the Spring/Summer 16 season, Italian fashion house Valentino takes us into the wild and wonderful world of the animal kingdom with their Fantastic Animals graphic print. Initially debuted for their Spring/Summer 15 presentation, the Fantastic Animals graphic is a natural evolution of the iconic camouflage print that has often permeated Valentino’s previous collections. The maison regularly experiments with reworkings of the camouflage design, producing a plethora of adaptations including the acclaimed Camubutterfly and Camunoir prints. Featuring a colourful medley of bold and brilliant colours and a busy, all-over design composition, Fantastic Animals obviously possesses the traits that make their camouflage print so popular. The inclusion of these spectacular beasts lends the design a real sense of unique personality and charisma. Within the print, Valentino mixes real life creatures with mythical ones, allowing lions and lizards to roam alongside dragons and unicorns. It’s an artistic vision that shows that the designers aren’t afraid to let their imaginations run wild. This Valentino print is as fearless and majestic as the creatures that populate it, further illustrating that these animals truly are as fantastic as the name suggests!


Fantastic Animals Print T-Shirt

Valentino’s crew neck t-shirt receives the Fantastic Animals facelift for the Spring/Summer 16 season. Featuring a classic shape and true to size cut, this t-shirt is incredibly easy to style and is perhaps the most accessible of all our Fantastic Animals options. Styling this piece is a breeze. Rocking it with a simple pair of skinny black jeans will ensure that attention remains focused on your incredible graphic t-shirt.


Fantastic Animals Print Swim Shorts

The Spring/Summer 16 Fantastic Animal swim shorts are as sophisticated as men’s swimwear gets. The well-tailored cut and zip fly give them an attractively smart appearance, meaning they won't look at all out of place should the gentleman decide to wear them about the town like a traditional pair of shorts.


Fantastic Animals Nylon Windbreaker

One of two magnificent Valentino jackets in our showcase for this season, the Fantastic Animals windbreaker is just as comfortable in a domestic environment as it is in the wild. Its smooth yet resilient nylon composition certainly reinforce its weather resistant qualities, coupled with a fold away hood and drawstring adjusters. However what really separates this windbreaker from pretenders to its crown, is its uncanny ability to adapt so naturally to the urban scene. The Fantastic Animals print is always guaranteed to have heads turning in your direction, so don’t be afraid to make it your primary party piece for lively saturday nights at your favourite bar or club.


Fantastic Animals Print Canvas Backpack

Valentino’s backpack absolutely epitomises the term ‘luxury’. The Fantastic Animals print looks absolutely incredible on this bag, its 3-dimensional shape seeming to add an additional layer of depth to the graphic. The elegant leather trimming and iconic Rockstud embellishments also contribute to the unmistakably deluxe quality of the backpack. It’s painfully obvious that Valentino never intended for this piece to be the afterthought of your outfit.


Fantastic Animals Print Silk Tie

This SS16 necktie also possesses an air of the fantastic and is yet another shining testament to Valentino’s uncompromising devotion to producing products of the very highest quality. Made from a lustrous silk yarn and proudly flaunting the on-trend Fantastic Animals print, this tie is wonderfully flamboyant without ever being over the top. Wear it with your best suit for a debonair look with a colourful twist.


Fantastic Animals Silk Pocket Square

Much like the aforementioned necktie, Valentino’s Fantastic Animals pocket square presents another interesting way to update your smart attire with a healthy spark of effervescence. This neat little accessory is also manufactured from lustrous silk, reaffirming the maison’s luxurious appeal. The pocket square is slightly more inconspicuous than the necktie when worn, appealing to the gentleman who perhaps takes preference to a slightly more subtle kind of swagger. Whatever the case, Valentino’s pocket square will never fail to make a powerful statement.



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