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Now enjoying its second season as a proud member of the ZOOFASHIONS.COM designer showcase, Christian Louboutin continues to astonish with another magnificent collection for Spring/Summer 16. Every piece is designed with the meticulous craftsmanship and incredible attention to fine detail that puts Louboutin’s body of work in the same leagues as the finest art the world has to offer. The iconic red sole trademark is arguably the most recognisable in the fashion universe, and is the purest signifier of uncompromised quality that the designer is famed for. This season, we have brought a wide selection of the maison’s most elegant footwear to our showcase.


Christian Louboutin Degra Flat Electric Blue Suede Spikes Loafers

Degra Flat Electric Blue Suede Spikes Loafers

‘Degra Flat’ is one of Christian Louboutin’s most accomplished take on the classic smoking slipper to date. The beautiful blue suede upper is complimented by its iconic silver spike embellishments, which gradually cascade down the body and accumulate at the toe. With its striking electric blue colourway, ‘Degra Flat’ is a refreshing alternative to the predominantly black colour schemes typically found in evening footwear.

Christian Louboutin Tassilo Flat Calf & Suede Spikes Loafers

Tassilo Flat Calf & Suede Spikes Loafers

When it comes to calf and suede, opinions tend to be split when deciding which is the superior leather of choice for footwear. So ‘Tassilo Flat’ dares to ask: why not both? This exquisite loafer opts for a silky smooth calf leather main body with a contrasting suede heel panel. The stunning toffee brown, black and gold ‘Pop Corn’ spikes make their debut in Christian Louboutin’s Spring/Summer 16 collection and adorn the aforementioned heel counter of this distinguished loafer.

Christian Louboutin Mr. Blake Flat Leather & Suede Oxford Shoes

Mr. Blake Flat Leather & Suede Oxford Shoes

Christian Louboutin has a shoe for every man and for every occasion; a sentiment that is cemented with his Mr. Blake oxford shoe. The designer has emblazoned this shoe with miniature versions of his iconic silver spikes, which run alongside the subtle broguing detail. It’s a more controlled application of the signature spikes trademark, and certainly appeals to the gentleman who perhaps wants something a little less audacious than other shoes in our Christian Louboutin showcase. Marvellously crafted from calf and suede leathers, this refined effort is extremely versatile and can happily sit at the base of a multitude of outfits.

Christian Louboutin Bruno Spikes Flat Oxford Shoes

Bruno Spikes Flat Oxford Shoes

‘Bruno Spikes Flat’ is an unabashed celebration of the brand new ‘Demi Lune’ spikes that takes one of Christian Louboutin’s most iconic features to new heights. Each individual spike features smatterings of black and gold that seamlessly blend into one another. These spikes cover almost every inch of the ‘Bruno’ oxford, creating a picture of esteemed luxury and premium quality design. Bruno is unmistakably Louboutin in every possible way.

Christian Louboutin Spooky Suede Leather Spikes Loafers<

Spooky Suede Leather Spikes Loafers

Dressed in an elegant suede leather, ‘Spooky’s defining characteristic is undoubtedly the spotlight of activity featured at the point of the shoe. The toe cap is varnished with a smooth patent leather and adorned with the new ‘Demi Lune’ spikes, which feature recurrently throughout our Christian Louboutin Spring/Summer 16 presentation. It’s just the kind of quintessential Louboutin attribute that immediately gives it the edge over its contemporaries. ‘Spooky’ ensures that you won’t ever struggle to break away from the crowd.




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