Y-3 - James Harden Capsule Collection

There can be almost no argument about it; it’s the year of the beard this NBA season. With his incredible on-court exploits being the focal point of almost all basketball-related banter right now, the coveted MVP award is all but guaranteed for James Harden.

It should come as little surprise then that legendary designer Yohji Yamamoto should approach the Houston Rockets talisman to be the star of his upcoming Y-3 capsule collection. Inspired by Harden himself, the capsule boasts a fully fleshed out range of wardrobe essentials, including jackets, sweatshirts, pants and of course, trainers.

The botan flower, the universal symbol of bravery, nobility, honour, respect, and good fortune in Japan, is featured throughout, representing the qualities that Harden so effortlessly displays and providing the exclamation point to the collection.

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