The Tracksuit Hotlist

Tracksuits and sets are always amongst the most popular requests from our clients when perusing the latest offerings in our seasonal showcases. Whether it be a matching hoodie and sweat pants or a sporty track top and bottoms, there’s just something immensely satisfying about achieving the ‘total’ look intended by the designer (especially for all you fashion completionists out there!).


Today we’re taking a look at the standout tracksuit sets on display in our latest showcase and discussing where and how you might want to deploy them for the best effect…



Moncler Black Tracksuit with Tonal Tapes


If you’re looking for luxury leisurewear with an elegant, refined finish, you need not look any further than Moncler’s Black Tracksuit with Tonal Tapes. The all-black colour scheme lends a chic, almost demure, personality to the set, while the unobtrusive tonal stripes call attention to Moncler’s intrinsically sporty DNA. It’s a potent combination of aesthetics that really celebrates the coming together of the sports and fashion world’s, a marriage that Moncler has always championed and pioneered in their collections. Make no mistake, this tracksuit was meant for much more than just loafing around on lazy Sundays; take yours about the town for those off-duty weekend city excursions.



Balenciaga Beige BB Corp Embroidery Hoodie & Shorts Set

Balenciaga’s extensive range of premium athleisure apparel is arguably the strongest its ever been, as demonstrated by this excellent Beige BB Corp Hoodie and sweat shorts set. The key to the maison’s continued success in this department has been their tendency to really lean into the ‘comfycore’ element of contemporary leisure and streetwear, particularly at a luxury level. Balenciaga is often regarded as a proprietor of the oversized, boxy look (most notably while under the helming of current creative director Demna Gvasalia) favouring unisex shapes and one-size-for-all fits that advocate for comfort and accessibility for the wearer above almost all else. In that regard then, our featured Balenciaga set absolutely fits the brief and should even be suitable for warmer days due to the increased airflow permitted by the relaxed fits.



Valentino Black with Orange Stripes Track Jacket & Pants Set

Pierpaolo Piccioli has breathed new life into Valentino during his tenure as creative director at the label, introducing more street and sports-inspired aesthetics and cultivating a holistically more contemporary feel. The featured track Track Jacket & Pants set is a wonderful example of this artistic vision, one which retains the effortless sophistication that defines the brand while injecting an exciting sense of vibrancy and sporty playfulness with contrasting white and orange panels. It’s ideal for fitness enthusiasts too, perhaps best suited to morning park runs and light workouts in the transitional seasons.



Stone Island Grey Compass Badge Hooded Tracksuit


Stone Island’s Grey Compass Badge Hooded Tracksuit is just perfect for downtime dressing. It chooses not to concern itself with audacious graphics or prints, instead simply allowing the iconic, ever-present compass badge to delineate its quality and worth in gold. The no-nonsense, no-frills aesthetic aligns perfectly with the types of activities that befit the outfit itself, whether you’re taking a casual stroll through the park or simply enjoying some well-earnt time at home. We wouldn’t go as far as calling it ‘basic’, but we do regard it as a sort of palette cleansing essential that the modern man should certainly strive to own for his off-duty wardrobe rotation.

Balenciaga Black Painter Fitted Hoodie & Pants


Balenciaga dabbles in abstract expressionism with its Black Painter Hoodie and Sweat Pants set, wherein white paint spots and marks are scattered throughout the two garments. When worn together, you’d be forgiven for mistaking this tracksuit for a painter’s overalls! And we’d hazard a guess that this is no accident on the part of the designers either. It’s a conscious move away from the clean and pristine approach to luxury fashion, opting instead for something a little more rough around the edges and adventurous in ways that by-the-book silhouettes simply cannot be… Don’t be afraid to flaunt this exciting Balenciaga set during your daytime escapades in and around the city.

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