Porsche Design Sport by Adidas White PDS Ultra Boost Trainers

White PDS Ultra Boost Trainers

The hugely successful partnership between German designer Porsche Design Sport and sportswear giants Adidas has produced a brand new limited edition colourway for their much sought after Ultra Boost trainer.

This limited edition iteration comes in a cool tonal white for the Spring/Summer 16 season. Combining the energy generating properties of Adidas' patented Boost midsole technology with their flexible Primeknit upper composition, the Ultra Boost trainer delivers unparalleled levels of comfort both inside and outside of the gym. The Primeknit body is housed in a premium leather cage and subtly showcases Porsche Design's logo moniker at the heel, enhancing the model's undeniably luxurious finish. The result is another fantastic addition to the Ultra Boost family.

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