Outfit Ideas To Reinvent Your Winter Wardrobe

Contrary to the truly dismal sprinklings of “summer” that we usually have to put up with on these shores, this year’s season of sun was admittedly just that. A prolonged, uninterrupted period of picturesque summer. It was epic. So much so that we’re almost still feeling the effects this deep into the year! (No seriously, we’re still getting sunny spells in mid-November!)

By and large, the majority of us have neatly folded away our t-shirts, vests and shorts for another year, resigned to the fact that, though delayed, winter is still coming. (Or already here, depending on your perspective.)

To help ease the transition and prepare you for the impending winds of change, our style team has curated a range of stellar outfits to compliment some of our favourite pieces from the Autumn/Winter 18 season.

Balenciaga Beige Padded Flannel Shirt


Our first selection may come as a bit of a surprise, in that classing it as a bonafide coat or jacket might admittedly cause some controversy amongst fashion purists. But in actuality, it’s the inherent hybrid aesthetic of Balenciaga’s overshirt-cum-jacket that caught our attention in the first place. It’s thick woollen exterior and quilted innards ensure that it can stand confidently as the primary defence against the cold in your winter outfit. But perhaps the area in which it offers the most lies within its seemingly limitless potential for some really unique layering looks.

Balenciaga’s own runway presentation (which was characterised by its outlandish ‘coat-stacking’ stylings) was arguably both a testament to and an exaggerated realisation of this potential. In the interest of practicality, I think you would be forgiven for stripping away a few layers for your own personal look, but inspiration can certainly be taken from Balenciaga’s showcase. Whether you decide to layer over the top or underneath, this flannel shirt has all the necessary ingredients to reinvigorate your winter ensemble. We’ve opted to style our flannel shirt with Balenciaga’s own ‘Speedhunters’ hoodie for a bit of pop and to complete the quintessential Balenciaga look.

Saint Laurent Red Check Trapper Jacket with Shearling Collar


Nothing quite says “guaranteed warmth, no matter the weather” quite like a shearling collar does. It’s a statement-making final garnish found only on garments made specifically for the winter months. Saint Laurent’s typically elegant ‘Trapper Jacket’ is no exception to this sentiment.

Cut from a smooth, brushed wool fabric, this piece is presented in an all-over red plaid silhouette. The colour palette is subdued just enough to hint at the jacket’s inherently autumnal spirit, but not so much so that it becomes dull or uninspiring. For this outfit, we’ve combined our jacket with a tasteful Saint Laurent sweater and shirt combo. The eye-catching red rose at the centre of the sweater and the plaid patterning of the shirt both compliment the accompanying jacket in their own individual ways.

Raf Simons Houndstooth Check Wool Coat


Raf Simons’ coat has the distinction of offering as close to head to toe protection as you are likely to find in a single garment. (Our featured model is over 6ft tall and this coat runs well past his knees!) Its ability to combat the elements with relative ease is this coat’s forte and therefore it shouldn’t require the assistance of many other winter garments or accessories to ensure optimal insulation.

The elegant houndstooth check patterning lends this garment a feel of timeless sophistication and pays homage to a hallmark of classic British tailoring. Such qualities ensure that Raf Simons’ coat feels just as at home in a smart/business casual outfit as it does in a more relaxed, off-duty look. We’ve paired ours with this Raf Simons hooded knitwear, which provides a subtle, unassuming base layer and allows the coat to take centre stage.


Balenciaga Red & Black Stripe Down Coat


Balenciaga’s striking red and black stripe down coat is probably the best portrayal of the archetypal ‘fashion meets function’ concept out of all the items on this list. Its thick down quilting and technical nylon fabric ensure that even the most bitter of cold winds stand very little chance of penetrating its shell, while welcome features like windstopper cuffs and cord lock drawstrings reinforce this coat’s weather-resistant qualities.

Keeping in line with the signature Demna Gvasalia aesthetic, this piece is cut to a very generously oversized shape, encouraging the wearer to experiment with layering combinations until their heart’s content. We’ve gone for Balenciaga’s oversized jersey hood sweater as the under-layer of choice in this particular look. Featuring a thick, woollen fabric composition, it’s more than a match for the impending cold, especially when teamed with this behemoth of a winter coat.

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