Our Style Essentials For 2021


Fashion moves fast. Sometimes so fast that it can become difficult to take stock of what’s here to stay and what’s only relevant for the here and now. However, we’ve long since held the belief that your wardrobe should be a reflection of your true self and the things you represent. So if the essence of your being doesn’t necessarily change with the seasons, why should your wardrobe?


Now that’s not to demerit the importance of seasonal trends and themes, ideas that resonate precisely because of their relevance to that specific time and place. We should, of course, continue to praise designers for demonstrating any amount contextual awareness with their collections. But there is a philosophy which maintains that some fashion principles supersede the boundaries of time.


This year, we want to reconnect with some of those founding principles and celebrate the essentials that help us to express not only who we are, but also how we live. And of course, with times being as tough as they are right now, the way most of us are living is likely to be very different to how it was before. So with that in mind, here are the key style essentials to guide you through 2021.



Effortless Sweats


Givenchy Black Sketch Logo Hoodie


There’s no shame in trading in denim for sweats right now as we continue to adapt to semi-permanent life at home. In fact, there’s been a noteworthy shift in focus from extravagant occasionwear to more comfortable loungewear within the industry in the last 12 months or so, for reasons which shouldn’t really need any more exploring at this point. However, we see no reason to surrender style and self-expression simply because we’re stuck indoors all day. Progressive fashion understands that style and comfort are not mutually exclusive and we think that you should too. Now is the best time to invest in effortless loungewear - hoodies, sweats and joggers from the likes of Off-White and Palm Angels which are as graphically appealing as they are comfortable to wear for long stretches of time.



Cosy Knitwear


Off-White Black Fuzzy Arrows Sweater 


OK, we’ll admit it. We’re really into our loungewear right now. And can you really blame us? As the weeks spent indoors roll into months, a universal sense of acceptance is beginning sweep across the population; in short, we’re comfortable with simply being comfortable! Another wardrobe essential that’s in keeping with this newly adopted mantra is thick, cosy knitwear. (Especially for the colder months that bookend the year!) There really is nothing like wrapping yourself in your favourite cable-knit cardi with a hot drink and your feet up while the wind and rain rage outside your living room window. Our featured Off-White sweater is the epitome of indoor comfort-clothing with its warm, fuzzy mohair shell and loose, easy-going fit. Y-3 and Palm Angels are just two of our go-to designers for cosying up in luxurious style.



Versatile Track Tops
Palm Angels Grey Track Jacket with Magenta Stripes  


Even before the age of back to back lockdowns, the track top had found itself very much back on the map. Leading athleisure designers including the likes of Versace and Palm Angels have presented us with some outstanding iterations of this contemporary wardrobe staple and with a prevailing focus on leisurewear and activewear in recent times, it’s the perfect opportunity to add one (or a few) to your wardrobe rotation. Your trusty track top can be deployed for causal strolls about town or through your local park and is also perfect for your daily workouts. And as an added bonus, many of the styles on offer in our showcase come complete with matching track pants to complete your desired look. Simple to style, incredibly versatile in its practical application and even suitable for transitional weathers, we’re banking on the track top being the must-have garment of choice for 2021 and beyond.



Athletic Trainers 


Moncler Trevor Multi-Panelled Trainers


Returning to a point we touched on in our last item, activewear and fitness are at the forefront of our thoughts for 2021, particularly right at the beginning of the year as we endeavour to start as we mean to go on. However frustrating it may be that gyms, leisure centres and swimming pools remain closed to the public, people have shown incredible resolve in incorporating home workouts and outdoor jogs and runs into their daily routines. We believe that any serious activity needs an appropriate wardrobe to match and that goes double for exercising. Optimal performance and comfort are crucial ingredients for a successful workout and that should always start with your footwear. We’d easily recommend the likes of Y-3 and Moncler for your choice of athletic trainers, with silhouettes such as the Orisan and the Emilien representing the perfect combination of technical aptitude, comfort and breathability and timeless style.



Smart-Casual Styles


Ralph Lauren Purple Label Grey Plaid Cashmere Overshirt


While many events and activities in our day to day lives have come to a grinding halt, the world work never stops. As industries and workplaces seek to adapt to this now not-so-new normal, many people have taken to working remotely, with meetings and conferences often taking place digitally through video applications such as Zoom. The knowledge that you will still be seen by your boss and/or colleagues is a stark reminder that working from home is no excuse for slacking off with your physical presentation. This year, we’re strongly advocating for investing in smart and smart-casual styles (for your top half at the very least!) to keep you looking sharp and maintaining a professional presence for your work calls. Studies have even shown that by simply dressing for work, you subconsciously adopt an active, working mindset, subsequently improving your levels of productivity as a result. Look to shirts from Saint Laurent and knitwear from Valentino to set you on your way.



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