Introducing Amiri to ZOOFASHIONS.COM

Launching his eponymous fashion label in 2013, a name hot on the lips of the industry’s top observers is designer Mike Amiri. A true native, born and raised on the sunny shores of Los Angeles, the spirit of Amiri is rooted in the rich culture and history of the city. Much of the label's aesthetic was inspired by Amiri’s youthful idealisations of the city’s older kids, dressed in their messy biker jackets and bold flannel shirts and hanging around the iconic bars and venues of Sunset Boulevard. They were conduits of the city’s spirited and gritty energy, an energy that has been transfused into Amiri’s exciting contemporary collections.

Amiri fully harnesses LA’s air of rebellion and effortless cool with its carefully distressed denim silhouettes and weather leather looks. By sourcing only the most premium denims, leathers and imported hardware accessories, Amiri guarantees a painstaking attention to detail and quality that earns the label its luxurious pedigree.

Amiri Concert Trucker Black Denim Jacket

Meticulously detailed and infused with the punk-inspired spirit of the label, the Concert Trucker is the crowning jewel of Amiri’s SS17 menswear campaign. This incredible denim jacket is a celebration and homage to some of the most influential contributors to pop music in recent history. Hand-stitched into the rear panel of the Amiri Concert Trucker is a genuine, one-of-a-kind vintage t-shirt, originally sold to promote a famous concert for the respective artist. Every jacket is home to an original and supremely rare piece of pop culture memorabilia that is almost impossible to find anywhere else in the world!

The limited edition Amiri Concert Trucker graces the ZOOFASHIONS.COM showcase for the Spring/Summer 17 season. A colourful vintage t-shirt insert depicting ‘80s American glam rock band Poison is the proud centrepiece of this garment. Loud, edgy and unabashedly glamorous, the graphic is dripping with all the colour and character that defines the punk-era attitude. It seamlessly combines meticulously hand-distressed areas, assorted band-inspired pins and badges and imported Swiss hardware. Amiri’s Concert Trucker is a testament to the essential quality and rebellious attitude that is central to the brand’s aesthetic.

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