Essential Footwear For The Spring & Summer


We’re fairly positive that we aren’t the only ones rejoicing now that the first major ease of restrictions has been set in motion. We’re certainly not out of the woods just yet, but we’re cautiously optimistic that this is the first big step in returning to normal, and permanently. Most importantly for us, and for our readers, it marks a golden opportunity to start really taking our fashion seriously again. And with the enticing prospect of being able to socialise with friends and family over the spring and summer months, there’s no better time to start prepping our wardrobes accordingly.


Regardless of where or how you choose to spend your time, there will certainly be a footwear option that’s perfectly suited to your needs. This time around, we’re helping you to treat your feet with a deep dive into the must-have shoes and sandals to elevate your spring/summer wardrobe. 



Smooth Suedes



There’s something that just feels very natural about suede shoes in the warmer months. A more bohemian alternative to its cousin leather, suede has a certain flavour to it that sits perfectly well with the easy-going spirit of the spring and summer. The right pair of suede shoes can project a welcomingly casual vibe, while still maintaining a sharpness that suggests that your outfit has indeed been very purposefully assembled, with a dutiful respect for the dress code. They pair excellently with a smart pair of Bermudas or even a cropped chino for a smart-casual look that’s ideal for intimate gatherings at your favourite spots and early-evening strolls in the dying sunlight.




Effortless Loafers



When it comes to capturing the easy-going attitude that defines the spring and summer months, few wardrobe essentials understand the assignment more than your trusty loafers. We just love the accessibility that they allow with their simple slip on, slip off design, which equates to less time dressing and more time bathing in the glorious sun. And if you feel like kicking off your shoes and feeling the grass between your toes every once in a while, you don’t have to worry about fiddling around with cumbersome fastening.


The best loafers are generally quite compact in terms of size and shape too, which should keep your feet from overheating; an especially important quality on warmer days when you expect to be moving about a lot. Again, this particular style of shoe should mostly be reserved for occasions and events where smart-casual attire is preferred. We’re thinking of rooftop bars and perhaps even boat parties when we’re given the green light? Match yours with a light pair of casual trousers for an esteemed, yet laidback style.



Easy Espadrilles


For us, espadrilles are all about having fun in the sun. They’re lightweight, breathable and nimble, providing you with all the tools you’ll need to get active this spring and summer. Or maybe you plan to move at a slightly slower pace, preferring to kick back on a sun lounger or simply sprawl out on the grass. In any which case, the humble espadrille is the ultimate footwear option for all of your warm-weather wants and needs. And with styles from the likes of Saint Laurent and Christian Louboutin available in our showcase, our espadrilles offer a uniquely luxurious and sophisticated appeal not commonly associated with such an inherently informal style of shoe. We suggest using this to your advantage. Why not get creative and pair yours with slightly more smart outfit options like bowling shirts and tailored shorts, rather than just the casual t-shirts and denim shorts that usually befit the typical ‘espadrille outfit’.



Unique Hybrids


The proverbial wildcard style for those wanting something a little different for their look this season. For this section, we’re giving the spotlight to two models in particular: the Black Track Sandals and Black Cosy Mules from Balenciaga. The debuting track sandals are an evolution of the label’s widely popular track sneaker, retaining the complex, multifaceted build quality of the original but converting this technology into a robust sandal for SS21. It’s perfect for eager excursionists who might fancy a wander through a nature trail or stroll along a pebble beach, providing the toughness to handle tricky terrain whilst still allowing your feet to breathe in the stifling heat.


The Cosy mules are more in line with the classic loafer or boat shoe silhouette in that their all-leather construction and sleek profile make them similarly suitable for more upscale events and occasions. But the ability to slip them on and off as effortlessly as you would your common house slippers really brings them into a class of their own. We’re all about fashion without the fuss in the post-lockdown era and Balenciaga’s Cosy mule certainly fits the bill in that regard.


Our editor’s top pick: Balenciaga Black Track Sandals



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