Dining At Home With Your Favourite Restaurants

The government-enforced lockdown has put an unceremonious halt to many of our favourite hobbies and pastimes, as we continue to adjust to the ‘new normal’. The temporary closing of all sectors of non-essential industry has left a great yearning for the recreational distractions that we have all come to depend upon.


Anyone that’s grown accustomed to dining at their favourite bars and restaurants as a means of blowing off a little steam will certainly have been affected. And while the resulting frustration understandably grows, foodies will no doubt rejoice to discover that many of their favourite dining spots are actually offering home delivery to all London postcodes (and some even nationwide!)



From Michelin-starred, fine-dining restaurants to locally revered, quirky food stalls, dining spots across the country are quickly adapting to the unprecedented circumstances by bringing their services to the road. The complete dining experience may be partially lost, but it enables the exciting opportunity to create your own dining set up from the comfort of your own home. So why not clad yourself in your classiest dinner attire and enjoy a night in with a loved one and your favourite dishes?


We invite you to explore this selection of restaurants that have been on our radar in recent times, all of which offer home delivery and are guaranteed to satiate your appetite for a quality dining experience.


Burger & Lobster


Home delivery available from: www.deliveroo.co.uk, www.primefeast.co.uk (Delivers to London & home counties only - please check for delivery availability in your area)

Burger & Lobster has the humblest of origin stories. It was born of a simple concept: a restaurant where the primary focus was on only two ingredients: the burger and the lobster! Since it first began serving out of a Mayfair pub in 2011, its popularity has exploded. Now operating out of restaurants worldwide (including nine across London alone), Burger & Lobster has become a household name. Their ethos remains the same, however, and they continue to source only the finest Nebraskan beef for their prime burgers alongside the freshest Atlantic lobsters anyone could hope to find outside of the ocean itself!


Our menu recommendation: Original lobster roll (limited availability)




Home delivery available from: www.supper.london (Delivers to London only - please check for delivery availability in your area)

Considered to be one of the crowning jewels of the West End dining scene, Hakkasan offers authentic Cantonese cuisine with contemporary influences. It truly sets itself apart by offering a choice selection of ancient recipes that would certainly be difficult to find anywhere outside of the Far East. Hakkasan also boasts an impressive collection of wines which include revered classics and fine vintages from across the globe.


Our menu recommendation: Smoked beef ribs with jasmine tea 


Smoke & Bones


Home delivery available from: www.smoke-and-bones.com (Delivers UK nationwide) 


Smoke & Bones is the UK’s very first all-Halal, American BBQ street food stall. Serving as a part of Kerb’s London street food circuit, the vendor specialises in choice cuts of USDA Prime Angus brisket which has been smoked for 12 hours with aged oak. Another popular choice amongst diners is their Aberdeen Angus beef short ribs, which are slow-cooked and posses an irresistibly rich flavour. All menu options are complemented with an aromatic mix of spices including paprika and cumin, resulting in an experience for seasoned meat-connoisseurs like no other.


Our menu recommendation: Brisket


The Cheese Bar


Home delivery available from: www.thecheesebar.com (Delivers UK nationwide)


The Cheese Bar is a culinary celebration of the wonders of British cheese. Initially operating from a food stall at Maltby Street Market, The Cheese Bar has gone on to form an identity all of its own, launching their flagship Camden store in 2019 in the process. The establishment is probably now known best for their innovative “Pick and Cheese” concept, a sushi bar-inspired conveyor belt setup, in which a variety of entree-styled cheese dishes are served to customers on rotation. Diners are encouraged to step outside of their comfort zone and try something completely new! Expect a medley of British classics and house creations in this unique culinary experience.


Our menu recommendation: Anglum whole cheese


Duck & Waffle


Home delivery available from: www.supper.london (Delivers to London only - please check for delivery availability in your area


Duck & Waffle specialises in British cuisine with a contemporary European twist. Dishes are designed and served with sharing in mind, offering an exquisite choice of local, rustic and seasonal ingredients. The restaurant opts for a concise menu with a clear emphasis on quality over quantity, while still managing to satisfy diners of all tastes across a selection of breakfasts, brunches, dinners and desserts. Although it’s admittedly difficult for us to pin down a single favourite dish, you’d be remiss to pass on experiencing the duck and waffle, the dish for which the restaurant is named!


Our menu recommendation: Duck & Waffle



N.B. All delivery areas stated above are only general guides and a restaurant may not deliver to every single postcode with the given area. Please use the website/app's postcode checker to see if the corresponding restaurant will deliver to your exact location.




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