8 Summer Caps To Shield You From The Sun

8 Summer Caps To Shield You From The Sun

To say that the British summer has served up some absolute scorchers this year would be a massive understatement. Record-breaking temperatures and sustained heatwaves have become the norm and the tide doesn’t exactly seem to be turning anytime soon. And while there’s no reason we shouldn’t look to make the most of it (we don’t believe there’s such a thing as ‘too many barbeques’), we should certainly be mindful of the harm that this kind of weather can do without adequate protection.

And where better to start than your headwear? The sun’s rays can be unrelenting at present and unfortunately, your head is likely to bear most of that brunt. Not only do caps offer one of the most effective means of protection for your head, but they’re often effortless to wear and a breeze to style. For our latest editorial, our stylists have been hard at work, curating an edit of exceptional caps from our latest showcase and striving to keep you ahead of the competition this summer.


Amiri Brown Three Star Trucker Hat

Amiri’s trucker hats have long since proven to be huge favourites with our customers and we’re confident that this latest Amiri Three Star Trucker Hat will do nothing to buck the trend. Our featured style is actually a reskin of an established design from Amiri’s permanent collection (Amiri Black 3 Star Trucker Hat), presented here in an earthy brown with camouflage-printed star appliques, in place of the tonal colour palette of its spiritual predecessor.

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Amiri Brown Three Star Trucker Hat
Amiri Brown Three Star Trucker Hat and Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh Camel Monogram Baseball Cap
Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh Camel Monogram Baseball Cap


Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh Camel Monogram Baseball Cap

Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh’s Monogram Baseball Cap is a testament to the power of the logo, a testament that we can always get behind. The classic Off-White crossed arrows motif not only gives the cap a distinct identity but imbues it with an unapologetic sense of confidence. Streetwear should be all about personality and that’s something our featured style has in abundance. 

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Valentino Garavani Black VLTN Baseball Cap

Valentino Garavani’s VLTN Baseball Cap is about as sophisticated as baseball caps get and is another great example of the Maison's unerring ability to blend streetwear with sartorial nuance. Everything from the monochrome colour palette to the classy VLTN logo is in service of cultivating a distinctly premium and modern impression. This one’s perfect for balancing your more serious and sombre formal looks with some casual levity.

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Valentino Garavani Black VLTN Baseball Cap


Balenciaga Black Property Logo Cap

With Balenciaga’s Property Logo Cap, there really can be no doubts as to where your fashion allegiances lie. Is it too meta to suggest that by wearing a cap that’s literally tagged ‘Property Of Balenciaga’, you sort of become the property of Balenciaga by proxy? OK, we’ll admit that might be a bit of a stretch, but it would be illustrative of the type of social commentary that Demna Gvasalia has often challenged us with during his tenure at the label. 

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Y-3 Shadow Green Logo Cap

Y-3’s ‘Shadow Green’ was one of our favourite colourways of the season and is executed perfectly here in this Y-3 Logo Cap. We love that they effectively doubled down on the hue with a tonal logo for a chic, stealthy look. This also helps to make it incredibly versatile too, with its unassuming profile giving it the ability to adapt to the vibe of whatever outfit it’s in. Honestly, at this point, we really should expect no less from such a veteran of the sports fashion market as Y-3…

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Casablanca Mint Green Casa Embroidery Cap

Pastels are an absolute no-brainer when it comes to your summer wardrobe and we’re all over the mellow mint green of this Casablanca Casa Embroidery Cap. We suggest staying on-theme when it comes to styling this piece, matching it with other soft-toned pastels for a playful, colourful look that throws it back to off-duty style trends from the mid-90s.

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Stone Island Black Compass Logo Baseball Cap

Dressed in all black and sporting little more than the label’s iconic, tone-on-tone compass logo, Stone Island’s Compass Logo Baseball Cap keeps it cool and classy with a relatively minimalist design approach. And therein lies its superpower, gaining the ability to seamlessly blend into almost any outfit and for almost any occasion without ever going so far below the radar that you struggle to notice it. If you’re going for a more subtle, monochromatic look, this Stone Island cap simply must be a feature.

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Stone Island Black Compass Logo Baseball CapStone Island Black Compass Logo Baseball Cap and Palm Angels Blue Logo Embroidery Commander CapPalm Angels Blue Logo Embroidery Commander Cap


Palm Angels Blue Logo Embroidery Commander Cap

The golden laurel embroidery featured on this Palm Angels Commander Cap reminds us of badges of distinction that you might expect to see on the uniform of a military general or commander. That may very well give us an insight into the story behind the name and the inspiration for the design. What we know for sure is that this style will certainly be a commanding presence in your outfit with its striking gold highlights that have a somewhat regal feel to them.


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