6 Tips For Mastering Spring Style

6 Tips For Mastering Spring Style

It’s time for a little spring wardrobe cleaning as we usher in the new season and update our wardrobe options accordingly. Spring can be a notoriously tricky season to navigate, often an awkward intersection between the two more polarising extremes of the weather spectrum in winter and summer.

But as ever, we’re here to lend a helping hand. In our latest editorial feature, we’re sharing our guiding principles for dressing effectively during the spring months and putting forward our suggestions for the best SS22 styles to help you achieve your spring style goals.



Moncler Bukret Navy Blue Rain Jacket 

1. Stick with lightweight jackets

The transition from the cold and rain of winter to the sun and blue skies of summer isn’t fully complete just yet, with spring acting as a refreshing intermediary between the two periods. As such, lightweight jackets still have a part to play in the story of your season, with Moncler’s featured rain jacket emerging as our flavour of the day. It’s enhanced with a water-repellant shell for those inevitable April showers and cuts quite the striking figure with a bold red shoulder yoke that could symbolise the blooming of the first flowers of spring (for all you fashion romanticists out there!).

Featured style: Moncler Bukret Navy Blue Rain Jacket



Stone Island Blue Marina Gilet 

2. Layer up with gilets

Oh, do we have a treat for you in the shape of Stone Island’s Blue Marina Gilet, surely the defining statement piece from our coats and jackets showcase for the SS22 season. Featuring a highly-customisable profile that can be zipped, flipped and folded to suit your own personal taste (honestly, how many garments can you recall having pocket patches that transform into shoulder bags?) and a utilitarian design language that’s very much in keeping with the patented Stone Island formula, especially where technicality and performance are concerned.

Featured style: Stone Island Blue Marina Gilet 



Christian Louboutin Louis Junior Orlato Greek Blue Suede Trainers 

3. Step lightly with your sneakers

Your feet are going to bear the brunt of the heavy lifting during your spring travels and adventures, so getting your footwear right should be a top priority. We’re favouring sneakers that are lightweight, streamlined and most importantly, comfortable, with styles like Christian Louboutin’s featured sneakers fitting the bill perfectly. Of course, colour plays an important part in matching the vibe and energy of the season, and the calming pastel blue is a delightful shade that is sure to complement any vibrant, uplifting spring-themed outfit.

Featured style: Christian Louboutin Louis Junior Orlato Greek Blue Suede Trainers



Casablanca Light Blue Contrast Panel Sweater 

4. Choose thin-gauge sweaters

The arrival of spring brings with it the opportunity for what we like to call ‘wardrobe thinning’. Figuratively speaking, it’s a great chance to trim some of the fat, clearing out some of those bulkier puffers and winter boots. But a more literal interpretation of the phrase refers to a predilection for physically thinner garments, namely thin-gauge sweaters in this particular case. The lightweight construction of this contrast panel sweater from Casablanca makes it a superb layering option, while the gentle blue hue aligns naturally with the mood of the season.

Featured style: Casablanca Light Blue Contrast Panel Sweater



Saint Laurent Bruno V. Roels Paint Logo Rive Gauche T-Shirt 

5. Rely on your trusty white t-shirts

An absolute non-negotiable for the spring and summer seasons. A well-intentioned white tee can do a job in almost any outfit, regardless of the occasion. And they only really deserve more love, if anything, at this particular time of year as our outfit colour palettes get lighter and softer. Belgian artist Bruno V. Roels lends a subtle, artistic touch to this collaborative Saint Laurent t-shirt that is just effective as a layering piece as it is flying solo.

Featured style: Saint Laurent Bruno V. Roels Paint Logo Rive Gauche T-Shirt



Stone Island Shadow Project Sand Linen-Blend Cropped Trousers 

6. Take a load off with relaxed trousers

Some will rush to their shorts drawers at the first glimpse of the spring sun (and more power to them for doing so), but for those of us that are less eager to relinquish our full-length jeans and trousers just yet, an airy pair of relaxed pants might just offer the perfect compromise. This pair from Stone Island Shadow Project is crafted from an ultra-breathable linen fabric, allowing for the cool spring breeze to filter through to your skin, with the wide, almost unifit design also contributing to the effortless appeal. Pair them with a flowy shirt and sandals for early evening walks against the backdrop of the setting sun.

Featured style: Stone Island Shadow Project Sand Linen-Blend Cropped Trousers




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