New To ZOOFASHIONS.COM: Marcelo Burlon County of Milan


Launching new for this AW15 season into ZOOFASHIONS.COM brand mix is Italian designer Marcelo Burlon.

Burlon cut his fashion teeth working alongside Riccardo Tisci as a PR and stylist when Tisci had his own label. This was to become the beginning of extremely fruitful friendship, for all parties involved. When Riccardo Tisci became Creative Director of Givenchy in 2005, Burlon was brought over to work alongside and it didn't take him long to mature and become an integral part, in Tisci's master plan to revamp the grand French maison.

While Burlon would be the first to admit that he has learned a lot under Tisci’s tutelage, he was instrumental in the much publicised revival of the French label over the past five years. He was also the creative force behind the birth of iconic prints such as the Rottweiler and the Minotaur.

Burlon, similarly to Tisci, is inspired by modern sportswear and stand-out primal symbols which are evident through his collection. However, unlike Tisci - who cites Paris’s notorious Left bank as reference, Marcelo Burlon’s collection that's featurs symmetrical animal printed tees, sweatshirts and luxurious knitwear, has layers of personal references of his Patagonian & Latino roots.

2015 has seen Marcelo Burlon County of Milan collection launch and star during the last two Milan Fashion weeks with acclaim & triumph! Aside from some classic houses, Marcelo Burlon’s runway presentation & infamous afterparties (he is a very sought after event organizer is generally termed a ‘nightime wizard’) are the place to be seen for fashions glitterati.

However, above the spectacle & hype surrounding his presentations AW15 & SS16 have both been met with critical & commercial success, allowing Marcelo Burlon to create a succinct path of brand identity for his eponymous label.

He is a standard bearer of this new generation of fashion designers…

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