5 Pro-Colour Knits For The Spring & Summer

5 Pro-Colour Knits For The Spring & Summer

As we’re sure you’re well aware, the spring and summer months are all about embracing the bright and the bold, especially when it comes to your wardrobe colour palettes. And when it comes to knitwear, your favourite luxury labels are serving up some eye-catching pieces that are just perfect for the coming months. Whether you're looking for a lightweight sweater to layer over a t-shirt on a warm day or something a little cosier for those cooler evenings, we’ve got an intriguing selection for you to choose from. For our latest blog piece, we're taking a closer look at our editor’s five select pro-colour knits that are worth investing in this spring and summer.


 Nahmias Multicolour Sunset SweaterNahmias Multicolour Sunset Sweater

Nahmias Multicolour Sunset Sweater

This Multicolour Sunset Sweater from Nahmias is a true masterpiece. The multicolour sunset-inspired design is perfect for the spring and summer seasons, with an intricate colour-grading design that’s reminiscent of 70s hippie-era aesthetics. (We guess that makes it a great pick for vintage-inspired enthusiasts too!) The colours used in the sweater are vibrant and eye-catching, with shades of orange, green and blue blending together to create the stunning, titular sunset effect. Pair it with a neutral pair of chinos or shorts and some retro-inspired shades for the complete look.

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Jil Sander Neutral Crew Neck Sweater
Jil Sander Neutral Crew Neck Sweater

Jil Sander Neutral Crew Neck Sweater

For those who prefer a more understated, palette-cleansing design, this Neutral Crew Neck Sweater from Jil Sander is an excellent choice. The crew neck collar and cut-out style hem make this sweater ideal for layering, while the neutral colour base makes it simple and easy to pair with just about anything. The sweater features a ribbed design on the cuffs and hem, adding a subtle touch of texture to the overall look. For a bit of contrast, why not layer yours over a vibrantly-coloured t-shirt for a measured bit of pizazz in your look?

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Stone Island Yellow Perforated SweaterStone Island Yellow Perforated Sweater

Stone Island Yellow Perforated Sweater

Yellow is one of those quintessential spring/summer colours that transcends time and the style trends that tend to come and go. This Stone Island Yellow Perforated Sweater is a piece that evidently understands that notion. The perforated design of the sweater allows for optimal breathability, making it surprisingly capable on those warmer spring (and even summer) days. The bright yellow colourway will immediately have you standing out in a crowd, so try pairing it with some more neutral-coloured pants or shorts to balance out the boldness of the sweater.

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Kenzo Multicolour Nautical Stripes SweaterKenzo Multicolour Nautical Stripes Sweater

Kenzo Multicolour Nautical Stripes Sweater

Kenzo’s SS23 showcase is awash with playful nautical references and striking colour blocking, two qualities that ultimately define this featured Multicolour Nautical Stripes Sweater. The vibrant stripes of red, yellow and blue create a striking contrast against the white background, elevating the traditional nautical theme with a real, visual creative flair. For the complete look, pair it with some navy blue chinos or shorts, and you'll be ready to set sail in style…

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Casablanca White & Green Tennis Crochet ShirtCasablanca White & Green Tennis Crochet Shirt

Casablanca White & Green Tennis Crochet Shirt

Casablanca’s White & Green Tennis Crochet Shirt is a masterful blend of classic elegance and playful summer colours. The shirt features a striking combination of white and green, creating a refreshing and bright look, just in time for the spring and summer months. The intricate crochet pattern adds texture and depth to the shirt, whilst the tennis-inspired green and white striping ensures that Casablanca’s quintessential sporty overtones remain ever-present. The crochet fabric naturally adds a breathable quality to the silhouette and ensures that this piece is never too stifling to wear, even in the heat. Of course, you can always layer a Casablanca tee underneath, but we'd also actually encourage trying this piece in isolation to really embrace the laidback spirit of the summer…

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