5 Must-Have Accessories To Complete Your Winter Wardrobe

5 Must-Have Accessories To Complete Your Winter Wardrobe


We know the winter months can certainly feel a little oppressive, especially when you no longer have the Christmas festivities to keep you occupied. But it needn’t be all doom and gloom. In fact with the right mindset, it can easily be just the opposite! And we can’t think of a much better antidote to the dreaded winter blues than some good old-fashioned retail indulgence to kickstart the new year.


Winter brings with it the opportunity to layer more of our favourite styles into our looks and to experiment with ideas and outfit concepts that just aren’t practical for any other time of the year. A carefully considered winter accessory can be just the finishing touch you need to elevate your look and bring some much-needed colour and warmth to the greyest and coldest of days.


 Off-White c/o Virgil Abloh Black Bounce Pile HeadbandOff-White c/o Virgil Abloh Black Bounce Pile Headband 

If you’re looking for something a little more unconventional for your accessory rotation this winter, Off-White’s Bounce Pile Headband might be just the ticket. It’s the perfect substitute for your more run-of-the-mill beanies and bobble hats, offering a refreshingly alternative design template whilst still doing a great job of minimising the heat bleed from your head. Whilst we're not necessarily advocating for the complete abolishment of the beanie, this versatile, flexible headband could be the perfect way to spice up your headwear game this winter.



Y-3 Orange Classic Beanie HatY-3 Orange Classic Beanie Hat 

Is it just us, or does it feel like certain colours can make you feel warmer than others? Well, our science might be a little questionable on that front, but there’s definitely something about the fiery orange of Y-3’s Classic Beanie Hat that has us feeling all warm and toasty inside and eagerly anticipating warmer days ahead. Of course, the hat is sure to keep you chill-free in the physical sense too with its cosy, ribbed wool construction. The beanie is arguably the king of winter accessories and this latest instalment from Y-3 is one of the easiest for us to recommend.



Stone Island Shadow Project White Chapter 2 Neck WarmerStone Island Shadow Project White Chapter 2 Neck Warmer

Stone Island’s Shadow Project was established with the intention of pushing the boundaries of design and fabric innovation and that foundational ethos is perfectly reflected in our featured Chapter 2 Neck Warmer. It’s probably not a silhouette you’re accustomed to seeing  every day and that’s precisely why it piqued our interest in the first place. Presenting itself as a sort of hybridisation of a roll-neck sweater and a scarf/snood, it immediately has us thinking about the unique and exciting layering opportunities it allows for. And with Stone Island’s proven track record in garment design and functionality, you can absolutely rest assured that optimum insulation will be guaranteed, however you choose to style it this winter.



Stone Island Heritage Camo Wool Balaclava

The era of the balaclava is well and truly here (it’s been here for quite some time now if we’re being honest) and we’re embracing it with open arms this winter season. It’s an awesome way to add a little bit of sartorial flair into your rotation without compromising on the functionality element that’s so crucial this time of year. Stone Island’s Heritage Camo Wool Balaclava really stands apart from the pack in this department with the powerful ‘Heritage Camo’ pattern that forms a part of a larger seasonal story from the label’s AW22 campaign. Just don’t expect to remain quite as incognito as you might be with a more traditional balaclava!



Saint Laurent Black & Grey Logo ScarfSaint Laurent Black & Grey Logo Scarf

As far as accessories go, hats and scarves are the salt and pepper of any winter outfit dish. Every accessory has its place and time to shine, but there’s very rarely an occasion when these two most essential of essentials aren’t the go-to options. A good scarf is worth its weight in gold when it comes to practicality and styling potential, two of the most fundamental pillars of effective dressing. Saint Laurent’s Logo Scarf brings both unparalleled insulation and wearability to the table with a luxurious wool and cashmere fabric construction that gently hugs your neck and effectively traps any rising heat from your body.



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