Brand Focus: Filling Pieces


Based in Amsterdam, Filling Pieces was created by designer Guillaume Philibert, a recent architectural design graduate with creative ambitions typical of those from his discipline. An avid admirer of quality footwear, Philibert noted the lack of truly premium footwear on the market at more affordable price points. The emergence of his label is the consequence of his desire to bridge the gap between streetwear and luxury fashion, challenging consumers to appreciate the two classes as companions rather than polar opposites. In 2009, Philibert introduced his first silhouette, the ‘Low Top’, to friends and family and it proved to be a resounding hit with both. This unique model places a special focus on the design of the tongue, in particular its triangular shape, which enables the wearer to tuck their trousers behind it and proudly showcase their kicks in all their glory.


"I noticed people were wearing their pants over their trainers, which is a shame for the shoe because a big part of its silhouette is hidden. As such, I designed the tongue so people could use it to put their pants behind it. That way, the total silhouette can be shown."

- Guillaume Philibert


Seven years on, Filling Pieces has amassed an impressive portfolio of sneaker designs, featuring painstakingly hand crafted designs, luxurious leathers, hand woven fabrics and innovative colourways. All models exhibit the same unwavering attention to detail and inimitable sense of style that is usually associated with footwear from high fashion designers. The triangular tongue, for example, has now become an iconic staple of the brand.

High Top Transformed Nude Bladeux Trainers

The High Top Transformed Nude Bladeux Trainer is the only high top in our Spring/Summer 16 Filling Pieces collection and carries the torch with great panache and style. Crafted from a tonal white full-grain leather, this model is brought to life by its striking contrast colours. You could certainly argue that this high top draws inspiration from music and fashion mogul Kanye West’s Louis Vuitton Don trainer from 2009. The red rubber, custom sole unit and cool beige toe cap immediately draw your gaze and highlight the unmistakably bold character of the trainer.



Wavy Red Low Top Trainers

Filling Pieces’ Wavy Red low top trainer is the perfect example of how and why truly innovative design style has come to define the brand. Inspired by athletic footwear aesthetics made popular in the 1990s, this trainer is defined by its laser cut panels, painstakingly stitched into an overlapping wave pattern at the body. We love how this design gives the model a unique 3D layered effect and an almost futuristic vibe. Crafted in a triple red tonal colourway, this trainer has a lot to say for itself; and we are certainly eager to listen. If you’re out to make a statement, we strongly recommend that you allow ‘Wavy’ to be your voice.



Gradient Perforated Grey Low Top Trainers

Another fantastic reimagining of Filling Pieces’ popular low top silhouette, the Gradient Perforated Grey Low Top Trainer exhibits a real sense of luxury while maintaining the urban counterbalance that makes this brand so special. It is crafted from a smooth, lavish nubuck leather which sports escalating perforation detail at the upper. The neutral grey colourway makes this trainer suitable for almost any outfit you choose to rock, an element of versatility that will contribute plenty of staying power.



Gradient Quilt White Low Top Trainers

The Gradient Quilt White Low Top Trainer brings a medley of attributes to the table and combines them to create one of the most classy takes on the low top to date. This model features a supple full-grain body with cushioned quilt-stitch upper panels, an attribute which really draws your attention to the intricate nature of the design in Filling Pieces footwear. The grey nubuck leather heel panel, contrasting black rubber sole and muted colour palette round out this fantastic trainer and lend a real sense of understated elegance.





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