10 Style Updates For Your 2022 Wardrobe

Now that we’ve rounded the proverbial first bend of 2022, it’s time to start assessing our wardrobe goals and aspirations for the year. No one will begrudge you the first couple of months for shaking the post-festive season funk, but we feel the onset of spring unofficially marks the real starting point to the year for the majority of us.

And what better way to mark the occasion than by hitting the refresh button on your wardrobe? In our latest editorial feature, we’re offering a guiding light on your journey, starting with these 10 style recommendations for 2022.

Amiri Black Amiri Bandana Applique Hoodie

1. Get sporty with your sweats

As accessible as they are effortless, sweats and hoodies are the go-to choices for casual lounging, high-energy workouts and just about everything in between. The electric splash of paisley in the ‘Amiri’ logo is this hoodie’s defining characteristic, tapping into the patented grunge-rock undercurrent of that quintessential Amiri aesthetic. Another fine example of Mike’s uncanny ability to bring new dimensions to classic wardrobe silhouettes, and an easily-recommendable addition to your leisurewear rotation. 

Featured product: Amiri Black Amiri Bandana Applique Hoodie


Stone Island Pink Naslan Light Overshirt

2. Ease into the spring with transitional jackets

With one eye on the quickly-approaching spring months, it’s time to start making some adjustments to our outerwear options. Stone Island is one of the all-time outerwear greats, particularly when it comes to garment fabrication, a sentiment that’s reflected in our featured jacket with its light but durable ‘Naslan Light’ shell. Like so many other iconic pieces in the brand’s archival collection, this style is equipped and ready to deal with both the dying winter and the start of spring.

Featured product: Stone Island Pink Naslan Light Overshirt


Amiri MX1 Deep Classic Leather Insert Distressed Skinny Jeans

3. Rebel with some distressed denim

There’s never really a bad time to get a bit rough and ready with your denim. The classic MX1 jeans have been a permanent fixture in all of our seasonal showcases from Amiri, bringing that cutting-edge quality to your off-duty outfits in typical Amiri fashion. Hand-distressed abrasions and pleated Japanese plonge leather patches are but a few examples of the incredible detail and craftsmanship found in this particular pair.

Featured product: Amiri MX1 Deep Classic Leather Insert Distressed Skinny Jeans


Amiri Bone Runner Brown Trainers

4. Go bold with your sneakers

The chunky sneaker train rolls into 2022 and shows no signs of slowing down. We love the earthy tones and natural colour palette chosen for this latest iteration of Amiri’s coveted ‘Bone Runner’ sneaker, a look that affords plenty of styling freedom with the rest of your outfit. Of course, the unique skeletal appliques are still front and centre in the design, ensuring that these sneakers more than stand out from the rest of the pack.

Featured product: Amiri Bone Runner Brown Trainers


Saint Laurent Black Floral Short Sleeve Shirt

5. Have some fun with your shirting

Can you honestly think of any designers in the luxury space that do fun and fanciful shirting quite as well as Saint Laurent? From bold and exotic prints to ultra-luxe fabrication, Saint Laurent really pulls out all the stops when it comes to their holiday shirts. If you haven’t already spiced up your wardrobe with a handful of statement shirts, may we suggest you start with this truly exquisite, floral-themed viscose shirt from Saint Laurent’s Spring 22 catalogue? You’re welcome to thank us later…

 Featured product: Saint Laurent Black Cloud Motif Short Sleeve Shirt

Valentino Optical Valentino Cashmere Sweater

6. Make a statement with your knitwear

Is there still time to squeeze in a knit or two before the weather starts to change? You bet there is. This bold and beautiful cashmere sweater from Valentino is our top transitional knitwear pick for the season, a style that peacocks with an eclectic mixture of colours that come together to breathe new life into your outfit. Don’t be afraid to style this into your occasionwear attire for an eccentric twist.

Featured product: Valentino Optical Valentino Cashmere Sweater


Givenchy Khaki Tag-Effect Dog Print Oversized T-Shirt

7. Get graphic with your t-shirts

Rocking a graphic t-shirt in your get-up is one of the easiest ways to give your look some real personality and charisma. Maybe you’re into graphic expressionism, or perhaps colourful logo motifs are more your speed… Whatever your taste, the right graphic t-shirt can help you express yourself in a way no other wardrobe piece can. This Givenchy t-shirt is a real highlight in that department, featuring an awesome rendition of the Maison’s iconic dog print, designed by collaborating graphic artist Chito.

Featured product: Givenchy Khaki Tag-Effect Dog Print Oversized T-Shirt


Christian Louboutin Louis Junior Spikes Flat White Leather Trainers

8. Invest in classic styles

Sometimes you simply cannot beat the classics and timeless silhouettes like Christian Louboutin’s Louis Junior constantly remind us of exactly what makes a classic a classic. Rather than leaning too heavily into any one aspect of a particular trend that can all too soon be forgotten, it stays relevant and eminently wearable with a clean, no-nonsense design that just radiates elegance and prestige. When you’re debating the wardrobe non-negotiables, make sure that these Louis Junior Spikes trainers are a part of the conversation.

Featured product: Christian Louboutin Louis Junior Spikes Flat White Leather Trainers


Casablanca Black Monogram Leather Crossbody Bag

9. Hang loose with crossbody bags

We’re banking on crossbody bags to make a big splash once again this year, especially with the further relaxing of covid protocols and the renewed enthusiasm for music festivals, summer holidays et al. That being said, Casablanca appears to be a label that’s very much primed and ready for the coming spring/summer months with this featured crossbody bag being the perfect accompaniment to a flowing silk shirk and Bermuda short outfit combo.

Featured product: Casablanca Black Monogram Leather Crossbody Bag


Palm Angels Blue Logo Embroidery Commander Cap

10. Step up your headwear game

Far too few of us place enough importance on perfecting our headwear game and that’s an oversight we want to correct for our 2022 style mood board. We’ve often turned to the likes of Palm Angels for our choice of lids in recent times and this ‘Commander’ cap from the LA-based label just might be our favourite one yet. The gold-thread, laurel leaf embroidery gives it an almost regal characterisation and just offers that little extra something that accessories sometimes need to help elevate your overall look.

Featured product: Palm Angels Blue Logo Embroidery Commander Cap

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