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DRKSHDW by Rick Owens

Rick Owens has always been celebrated for his avant garde and subversive eye - his look has been described as "glamour-meets-grunge” which we feel is too simplistic.... In his own words he says "I try to make clothes the way Lou Reed does music, direct, with minimal chord changes, and sweet but kind of creepy. It's about giving everything I make a worn, softened feeling. It's about an elegance tinged with a bit of the barbaric, the sloppiness of something dragging and the luxury of not caring.”

DRKSHDW - Owens' diffusion line holds to true to this very ethos. Initially simple Denim, Jersey & leather collections, the products are layered with complex design details that ensure comfort, style & amazing silhouettes. This is a man who is truly on top of his profession.

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